It's All Just Lipstick On A Pig

I fully expected to open up the Ti-Cat site today and see the marketing "geniuses" trying to sell a ticket package based on the Kenton Keith signing, much as they did last year with the Printers signing. I get the argument about upgrading your team at any position if the opportunity arises, but this team has many other areas in need of upgrade. We're putting mag tires on a Pinto.

With all the NFL cuts, I find it hard to believe we couldn't sign some talent to upgrade our most pressing needs on the offensive and defensive lines.

You can dress this pig up as much as you want, she still won't dance!

Just give them time. :wink:

I don't think it makes any sense to assume that signing Keith means we can't make moves to improve the team in other areas. Keith isn't being paid Printers or Ricky Ray type money.

Tory Collins and Alain Kashama were added to the D-line in recent weeks.

And as someone pointed out in another thread, we added another DT the other day.

Maybe Obie has other prospects (Offensive Tackle?) that are holding their breath a little longer waiting for an NFL phone call?

I think it's unfair to say that signing Keith is a sign that Obie isn't trying to address other areas. I'm guessing Obie can walk and chew gum at the same time.

I'm sure the marketing team may attempt something but its clear the fans are tired of the tip toeing the gimmicks they want results not "lipstick on a pig"

The stunts are shallow, but give it time to play out, I am assuming this signing means something other than bringing a name to the organization..I mean with Printers he was a QB...that is news...Kenton Keith is just a RB a position we have plenty of and already are behind from a fan stand point...

This signing by next week will have faded into obscurity.. unless something else is in the works..

Let it play used to losing we tend to write everything off...lets for a change give this decision a chance..


I'm sure that if we reduced the "Canadian Content Rule" we could sign more exciting players and the fans would come out to watch the best players.

mikem, you've posted this in a few threads lately. I take it you don't like the ratio requirement. Oh well, I do, but that's another issue.

I need you to post that in every single current topic.

Oh wait, you already did!

Either start one topic about it (which has been done relatively recently here) or keep it to yourself.

Quit trying to hijack threads please.

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8) Blah, blah blah, we got your message the first time. You don't have to post the same thing over and over on every topic posting !! :roll:
 You made your point the first time, so give it a rest now  !!!

Two years in a row the team signed the biggest nfl cut available. If a great dl or ol comes available that will help this team I am sure they will sign him. They have shown they can and will outbid other teams for talent. The cats of old used to be bridesmaids when it came to big signings and this team gets the guy when they want him.

KK wasn't actually in a lot of demand up here, as far as I saw, only the Ar..s really had any interest.

The Cats need KK like a moose needs a hat rack. Caulley is fine!

Shoulda spent the money on an Oline or a pass rush.

The Canadian Content Rule is good for the Canadian players and to modify it would maybe not be in the best interest of the League. This coming from an American who likes the CFL and the NFL as they are. As to the signing of KK, it does seem that a better use of that money could have been considered and i'm sure that it was, but it does seem rather foolish when soo many areas needs help. If the passing game doesn't improve than it doesn't matter who's in the backfield they're going to take a beating. [/i]

I'm not sure of that at all. In fact, if the ratio were abolished, there would be, I suspect, an impetus to gradually get rid of the "funny football" rules in Canada too. After all, with almost all coaches and players American, most of whom expect or hope to return to their country and play "real" football, what would be the point of having to learn all this 12-man, 3-down stuff on a weird big field and everything? Why not just go to good 'ole US football and be done with it? Then we could enjoy seeing all those amazing American players who didn't make it in the NFL. In fact, we could just become a Triple A league for the NFL. You might enjoy it; I won't.

It wasn't that there was not demand for Keith. Just that very few teams had sms room for him. If he wanted to wait till the end of the season he could have played pretty much anywhere. Shows me that he is hungry to get back out there.