Its all but certain

Onterrio Smith bound for Bombers
MAY 02 2006 12:40 AM

Talented running back Onterrio Smith could be in a Winnipeg Blue Bomber uniform this season.

He cleared NFL waivers Monday afternoon after being released by the Minnesota Vikings last week. He is considering coming to play in Canada this season.

Winnipeg Blue Bomber GM Brendan Taman says the Bombers have his rights secured for the CFL...

Smith is suspended from the NFL for drug policy violations and won't be reinstated until October.

CJOB's Jeff Braun reporting

This could be the best tandum of rbs that has ever graced the cfl........roberts and smith together in the backfield and spread out in the 5 receiver set with milt, aj & brazzell..........good lord Im getting hard just thinking about it.........

Yup add another druggie to the team Lawrence Phillips anyone!

.....Ontario...i mean Onterrio Smith is having serious discussions with the Bombers...put him in the same backfield as Charlie....and BOOM have one of the most explosive backfields in the country....good luck trying to stop this duo....he would give the Bombers a dimension..they have'nt seen for quite awhile......WHO do you cover...and then if you do play the of our talented recievers...such as Brazell or Stegall will burn ya.....I like this ...even if the guy is only a temp. for a couple of seasons....what a treat the Bombers will be to watch....bring it on... :arrow:

This could be another of the many exellent aquisitions to again make us a contender.

no point in signing him we got roberts hes like 500X better than smith

I heard something the other day........smith maybe charged with sexual assault.......apperently the victim has FAS and claims he assaulted her when she passed out.......he may not be coming to Canada anytime soon if this pans out.....

...ouch...if this is true....who wants him......I heard he only had been in possession of the 'whizanator'...a device used to cover up the use of a drug....if this other part is true...PIGSEYE...then Ontario...can stay in the states....hmmmmm....that dosen't sound geographically correct... :roll:

Ontario is the Province

Ontarrio is his name

onterrio i thought?!?

dont bother getting him, the sexual asault thing is true, i read somewhere that hes going to court for it in october or something. it would have been nice though, hes a good returner and 220 pounds of muscle. he would have made one heck of a blocker for AJ on the returns.

hope Roberts blows this guy away, and stays with the team.

trevis smith is goin to court n october for sexual assault not onterrio.

o ok. i just read smith and assumed it was onterrio. thanks black dale