Its About Time

WBB RELEASE – 2006/118

WINNIPEG, MB – It's fabulous and it starts WEDNEDAY, MAY 17.

It's the Fabulous Blue Bomber Show on Shaw Channel 9 beginning May 17.
This fast-paced, action-packed looks at Winnipeg's favourite football team from every imaginable angle.

The Fabulous Blue Bomber Show will go where no other football program goes. Every Wednesday viewers will get to meet Bomber players, staff, cheerleaders and even the guy who shoots off the cannon after every Bomber scoring drive.

It will also provide viewers with CFL Sport Select tips, a glimpse of the newest gear from the Bomber Store, tell you what's going on before and after the game and even keep you abreast of the happenings in local amateur football.

The Fabulous Blue Bomber Show is presented by Manitoba Blue Cross, Bob Sokalski/Pitblado LLP and The National Post. It is hosted by Scott Taylor and Kim Babij, every week, beginning May 17 on Shaw TV Channel 9.

So is this the new local comedy show much like Corner Gas! It will be called Bomber Gas’d!

does anyone no if this wil be shown on MTS TV as well? i hope so

rw2005, you've just proved my point that you, infact, actually never contribute something worth while reading.

and the pot is calling the kettle black Yogi? Look at your own posts, they contribute absoutely nothing , but then that is hardly a surprise, try talking about football for once.

Really Yogi for a guy that does not read my posts you sure comment on them a lot. If you do not like my posts or my opinion it is very simple are you ready! Do not read them and do not reply no that is simple is it not.

remember who you are talking to here 05, :lol:

so what time is it on?

....i believe the cowboys have a similar show ...don't they red....its callled stamps stumped....but it dosen't get the same reviews as 'brokeback foothills'....and maybe thats a good thing... :lol:

great to see a channel about the team, but couldn't''t they come up with a better name for it? sounds cheesy,

Do you honestly think u saying that is worth while yogi? Dumbass

I believe in Blue,...please,....don't call yogi a Dumb..ass..
He's been on the Bomber front lines.... for a long time...
The man might be shell shocked, but he's hanging in there...
Go Yogidbear...we 's cherring for ya.....

He's beem in bomber training camp and praticing withou a helmet?? Sound logical, cause it explains a lot.

I like how they dont give out times

Ya why's that...I emailed for a schedule...and they sent me one..they start May 21...7:45am to 10:20..then 10:40am to 12:30..also there asking the fans not to feed the Animals on the field...and no flash cameras please, I guess they become agitated or

I was talking about the TV show

its on right now 6:30

wow it was like 10 minutes long, was good while it lasted

Oh...sorry... I was reading two topics at one time..