Its about time

This season was supposed to be about building for the future yet all season long Taffe and many on this board acted as tho the future was all about winning this year even if it hurt the development of our future QB. This was foolish behavior and now that the season is toast Taffe is finally being brought into reality. Even if he's kicking and screaming in opposition to the move the Cats cannot afford to finish this season without finding out if Williams and Chang have a future here. If we had continued to play Maas we'd be in the same wretched mess to start next year

8) I agree with your thoughts, but what if both Chang and Williams fail totally in their chances !!! What kind of a wretched mess will we be in then for next year ????? Another set of new QB's obviously !!!!!

We will at least know that we need to look for a QB

Charlie Taafe was very smart in playing Maas as he has to this point and allowing Chang to learn the CFL game. I think it’s good timing and no one can say that they didn’t try and see if Jason was worth the $300,000 salary, they gave him all the chances in the world. Yes, this is not all on Maas for sure but as Taafe points out, they want to go in a different direction and see what they have in the qb now that they know that Jason isn’t healthy enough or whatever to deliver the goods on a long term basis.

Charlie Taafe and admin, I like the way you handled this and what you’re saying. :thup:

You know what, call me crazy but I honestly believe Richie Williams will come out of all of this as the best QB on the team & will evenually get a few starts in before seasons end.

And that says it all right there.

I'm totally comfortable now as a fan to let Chang have the reigns the rest of the year....and if he was in the number 2 slot all season so far I would expect he would be ready right now to take over. If not, then it tells me that he shouldn't have been here at all and the team has wasted valuable time.

What has hurt the Tiger-Cats all along the past few years is the day to day "urgency to win a game" or people will get fired. because of that, QB development from #2 on down has been curtailed in my opinion and has brought the team to this very crossroad.

At 5 wins out of 24 tries the past season and a half, this move is well past due and it's unfortunate really. Exaggerated loyalty to starting QB's who either are not leading, inspiring or performing up to professional standards has been the death knell for team spirit, chemistry and unity in my opinion and if left to fester could pose a serious problem going forward.

In my opinion, there have been a lot of unnecessary casualties due to the QB mis-management for years (players and coaches) and we've lost a lot of fine talent who are now enjoying great success on other teams)....Jamie Boreham comes to mind in that it seems to me he was wrongfully targeted as the reason for the Tiger-Cats problems (or one of the reasons) and yet he is now leading the league in punting (as I understand). Craig Yeast and others can be added to that list.

All in all, the move to give Chang the starters role now is a good one and if he doesn't show well, then we know that we have to keep bringing in QB's until one does arrive that can do the job.

......and for those who are somehow saying that the fans are stupid, dumb or uneducated in Hamilton for wanting this change?......5-19 out of 24 games should say it all.

Good Luck to Chang, the coaches and players as they embark on this new challenge and direction.

Go Cats!

8) Wow Mikey, I have to say I agree with most of your sentiments and comments (with the exception of the Craig Yeast one ) !!!! :wink:

Yeah I you had me until the Jaime Boreham thing. In all honesty Jaime Boreham is an awful kicker.

About kickers in the CFL, let's be truthful here, none are absolutely great. But that is to be expected since a lot of the times, teams are looking for someone to both punt and place kick, very tough to do both extremely well. And also looking for a Canadian if they can which further reduces the pool of players to look at.

I actually think Boreham's done well this year. While his punting isn't stellar (41.7 average), his kickoffs have been great, netting him first place overall with a 65.8 yard average kick, 6.8 yards ahead of the second place kicker.....

Saskatchewan, for the most part, is glad to have him.

I would never downgrade his kickoff ability. It's his FG's that he's horrible on.

....which is why he's not our FG kicker..... :smiley:

LOL, I would be willing to hold onto 2 kickers if his punting was tremendous because his kick offs are very good.

Well, he's the league's leading punter last I heard......but, the point I was trying to make is that the finger-pointing to individual players (non-QBs) as the cause of the teams woes has just not panned out to be the truth.

Everything starts from the QB on down in football just as pitching does in baseball and if those positions are ignored and bad performance is tolerated then it drains the energy out of the entire team no matter how much talent is on team team (on paper)

I'm saying that the record of the team has been clearly not Boreham's fault, or Yeast's or Goss or Flick or past coaches stems from QB mis-management and flowed downwards from there.....I truly believe that.

Failure by coaches to pull our starter in the semi-final game in Toronto in 2004 is a huge example of what has hurt this team's spirit and chemistry.

(and yes, Coach Marshall was falling into that trap as well so it's not just the fault of any one coach but rather a philosophy that has become a habit for Tiger-Cat management for years even before Mr. Young took over)...Scott Radley pointed this out 2 years ago and he's proven to be correct it seems.

Well as much as I do see your point, I still do not agree with you. First I didn't see people blaming Yeast, Goss, or Flick for the teams woes. Not fans, not coaches, not management. Yeast was released because he was not a good teammate. Goss didn't want to play here and thus we traded him for something. Flick was a salary thing and a victim of a different vision by Desjardins to go with bigger WR's. It wasn't becasue they were seen to be at fault for the teams records.

As for Boreham, I do hold him responsible for some of the team's woees because he left points on the boarsd with his regular misses of routine FG's. Not too mention losing the field position with very inconsistent punting.

The problem with the QB is a long and storied one, which, is also the fans fault. Our fans are so loyal and die hard that they blind themselves to other problems, and blame what the most prominent and visible position. QB. Was it Danny Mac's fault that receiver's didn't fiight for balls, or tip balls up they should have caught only too have them intercepted. Was it his fault that receivers ran the wrong routes. No it wasn't. That was also why I gave maas the season and a half of support I did. However, Maas did more often do what Danny didn't. He directly lost more gams on his own. Now I'm not saying poor decisions by danny didn't account for some losses. But Maas' lack of arm strenght, (ie. injury) cost this team wins. Not too mention that he locks on to one guy far too often.

Sure developing a qb has been a problem for years here. But when you have a group of fans that aren't patient enough to allow them to develop you have a problem. This team is the worst team in football for it's fans always wanting to see the back up. Well how can you develop a QB if you don;t let him take his lumps?

And I see your points's such a complex issue for us fans to really get our heads around especially when most of us (including me) are just spectators really.....and don't experience first hand the whole psychology of what it's like to be in the players or coaches shoes....I've had the unique opportunity the past few years to observe a little closer than most but in the end, I still don't really understand the dynamics fully....

......but hey, these are discussion forums and it's a way to learn from each other and debate all possibilities.....Ticats fans are a fun bunch though!......that is a fact!... :cowboy: