It's about time this league grows a pair..

No suspension for that cheap Jason Jimenez "hit" against Brent Johnson of the Lions and a small fine....pathetic.

Time to hand out lengthy suspensions for this uncalled for BS, especially when it is a repeat offender.

This league is not big enough to start having a qualtiy players go out for uncalled for cheap shots, especially far from the play which occured on the weekend.

Nothing against the Ticats...but any player on any team should not be spared this garbage.

What is the league scrared of union back lash?

I'm a Ti-Cat fan and even I believe it deserves a suspension.

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Here's an updated article :?

Ya, they should have dealt with this years ago, even when he was laying out the cheap shots while with BC. Players like this don't make themselves or the team they play for look good for, as some may thing a team or coach is promoting this, which I know is totally untrue.

I'm all for a clean hit, or the ocassionally cheap slap these guys give each other, but late,or an away from the play, blatent, intent to injure is uncalled for.

Same goes for those head hunters in the NHL.

Time to hit these guys in the pocket book, big time.

Shocked that Jimenez isn't suspended, the league dropped the ball big-time on this one. That's about as clear-cut a case of a dirty, dangerous, and unnecessary hit as one could find.

I get a kick out these tough-talkin' editorialists who seem to have all the answers, or at least look the NFL for all the answers, as if it has it all figured out.

I make no excuses for the Jimenez, but if the players don't want to punish their own (and how do we know they won't?), then I can't see how an iron-fisted Stalin at the league's helm would get much done, CBA or otherwise.

Tough talk isn't always the answer, and if anyone is to blame it's Jimenez and CFLPA, not the commissioner.

Years ago there was a great football book that was so good I can't remember the title :roll:, but anyway, in it there were great stories about what happens to players that ruin another's career with a dirty hit that should have been avoided. Jimenez will get his.

Silly me, I thought this topic was another expansion thread.
Ottawa and Atlantic Canada or Quebec City?

He should be suspended for the remainder of the season.
I wouldn't mine if he was flat out banned.
We don't need idiots like him in this sport. He's a gutless punk.

Can't help but notice that none of you guys were calling for a suspension when one of BC's guys deliberately out of frustration stepped on and walked across a downed opponent during their first home game?

He needs to be released.If only Johnson were good to go :frowning:

I didn't watch that game and I had no idea that happened because nobody on here said anything.Hmm...

I missed that one, but sounds like an uncalled for action. I may also be more blind when it's one from my team? I can't defend one from my team if they are out of line.

I'm not saying it dosen't happen with all teams, but that JJ shot on the weekend just stood out big time. It's bad enough that each team deals with the usual injuries, but for someone to be possibly injured for a cheap shot is not cool.

The trouble maybe that youth sport see this a acceptable if there is no real punishment in the pro I'm prob thinking hockey as you see more of it there.

Although it is flat out his fault - the situation where all he gets is a fine is 100% the fault of the BC Lions. When he was suspended the BC Lions stood bye him and went to bat for him. I said it then that if Wally had any respect for the game he would have benched him for a game to send a message that this was not acceptable play.

BC Lions supported him in front of the league and in front of the news media - that allowed him to get the suspension overturned and as such he is a first time offender and the league can not take further actions.

Where was this amount of passion when he nearly ended the other players career? Anyone calling him a dirty player on this forums was chastised and ridiculed. Until coaches start disciplining players and making them sit nothing is going to change. It was the BC Lions who could have done that and they failed miserably. I would hope Hamilton benches him a game.

Forgot to add - that only 1 Lions fan hear at least condemn the hit that was Footbalyoubet. He was the only Lions fan to flat out say NO to JJ being able to suit up again for his team. :cowboy:

Talk about the NFL, man did Ray Lewis go off on the refs about roughing passer and his tripping, he says the NFL has so many rules that take away from what the game is supposed to be and says it BS.

Lewis added, "You always try to be careful because the league always tries to fine you. But there are so many rules that take away from the game. I get blocked into the player and you tell me that I tripped this man but this man fell over my feet. There’s too much crying from them. You already make the big money. Keep your big money. But don’t cry when you step on the football field. That’s war out there. If you want to go at it, go at it hard. But don’t disrespect the game like that."

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In fairness, there were two: Sportsmen was adamant that it was a dirty hit. There was a thread before the two you resurrected in which he gives his first-hand account of the play (it was right in front of him) and he was livid that the hit was dirty and intentional and that JJ should be suspended. By the time the two threads you found came along, he seemed more resigned to the fact that he won't be suspended, but that did not mean that he did not think a suspension was justified.

Dave Naylor commented on the situation… pretty weak excuse in my opinion. The league needs to junk the arbitration process.

I think the league would like to suspend Hamilton Tiger-Cats offensive tackle Jason Jimenez for his late hit on B.C. Lions defensive end Brent Johnson, but they're looking back at a similar hit in 2007 where they suspended Jimenez, he appealed it to an arbitrator, and it was overturned.

Here’s where the CFL is different than the NHL and NFL, where players cannot appeal suspensions to third party arbitrators. The league was concerned that had they suspended Jimenez, it would have been overturned and he would have walked away with nothing. So instead, they give him the maximum fine allowable under the CBA which is half of one game check.

A lot of people were not satisfied by that, but the league was afraid if they went harder it would have been thrown out.

OK, let me get this straight....

in 2007, Jiminez, then with the BC Lions, ends the career of a promising young CFL player with a dirty hit during a game against Calgary.

The league tries to suspend him, but Wally Buono and the BC Lions defend Jiminez to the hilt, no matter the blanket condemnation from others. Jiminez is not suspended, and Buono refuses to bench him. Lions fans on this forum (with a few exceptions, but not many) rush to the defense of their embattled lineman.

In effect, Buono teaches Jiminez TWO lessons from this...

  1. That this is how we expect you to play in this league, and
  2. That if the league doesn't like it, there is nothing they can do about it.

Fast-forward to this last week, when Jiminez, having learned his lessons as a younger player, again throws a dirty hit, and it is only luck that prevents another career ending injury at his hands.

Only this time, it is one of Wally Buono's BC Lions who is on the receiving end of the dirty play. Lions players and fans scream for a suspension, but none is forthcoming, likely because of the precedent set with the help of the Lions and Buono himself back in 2007.

JM02, since you are an english teacher, can you help me out here? Is this the textbook definition of irony? Or is it Poetic Justice?

A bit too touchy feely in the NFL IMHO nowadays in the name of "protecting the quarterback" in particular ...and with this situation quite the opposite "slap on the hand" treatment in the CFL.

It would be great if the leagues found the correct middle ground on such an analogous matter of being pro-active on player safety enough not to compromise the game yet preserve also its integrity.

Most fans thankfully don't want to see a NO FUN LEAGUE on one hand or a THUG LEAGUE on the other.

After Goodell otherwise has done a great job of weeding out more of the jerks in the NFL, you can go to the NBA, NHL, or WWE for the thugs but keep those jerk types out of my football!

Good job, CFL! Things are about to get ugly…

"I look at it like this: an eye for an eye," Lions' defensive back Korey Banks told the Globe and Mail. "If that's all he's going to get, than you've got to get it back. ... They give us no choice when they don't handle it."