It's a Start but a way to go??

I just returned home from Guelph about an hour and half drive for me back and fourth to Alumni Stadium. Great atmosphere, great day, great tailgating, brought the RV down to P24 about two and half hours before the game and hung out with family, fun times. Good to see the Cats win, a even better to see the Defense played great, we cheered them on, great support from Cat fans in the stands! I have to give the organization of the Cats a lot of credit in creating a great atmosphere in Guelph and thanks to the Cat fans who supported their team by coming out today!

The Win is the start, long way to go still, if we can get some players healthy again or great replacements, I think Gant got injured saw him on crutches so we need a couple of speedy receivers in the line up to go along with Bakari Grant, hopefully Fantuz next game will play and Sam G? Delahunt, great catch for a TD and good to have Chevy Walker back, with Lamar.

Also the Defense came up huge tonight, Breaux, Hobbs, Ray Brown and Johnson, Knowlton and front D line all played great I think they had like 4 or 5 sacks on Pierce tonight when was the last time they did that? I love seeing Buck get hammered!!!

When this team can beat BC, Sask, Calgary and Toronto I will believe but it’s a start??

pretty decent crowd out tonight, that said, the temp seats (formerly the grassy roll) were a quiet bunch of hand sitters... boooo (please gods someone get loud for the defense other than just me!!!!)

aside from that, had a decent chat with a bomber fan in the first quarter until we realized we were in the wrong seats (silly us). good dood, had some pretty chill talks with him and his wife. (mine was thoroughly confused, i think she thought we were supposed to throw stuff at them a little bit....)

all and all a good experience, hit up Buffalo Wild Wings (on Centennial) before and after the game (shuttle) really cant' complain about anything the whole night, aside from $9 beers, but we kinda had to expect that.

go team, can't wait for next year and a real football stadium.

Many say, and I believe it to be true also, that a two game pre-season is not enough. So, with that in mind, we went 0-4 in what could be viewed as the pre-season and have started the season with a win! :wink: :thup:

( we know, the real season starts on Labour Day) :twisted:

didn't we go 2-0 in the real preseason?.............. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are tied for first after 3 games!!

Ticats went into the Argodome in week one, and came within a dropped catch of beating the blew team in their own house. There is no doubt that the double blew is beatable. This week against SASK is going to be a great test to see how things measure up this early in the season!

Great game played by the D (but for that one big run.) A major leap forward in my opinion. It's been a while since we've been able to say "the Defence kept the team in that game."

But, I agree. There is a way to go yet. Like:

Running game: Chevy did okay, as did Lamar. Chevy is still tentative at pressing the hole if the play is between tackles. I didn't see any game changing run play. Blocking by the backs is still not yet up to the average.

Interceptions: At least 2 more missed this past game. One of which would have put the game away or at least made a come-back by the Bummers extremely difficult.

Receivers: I know, I know; some very key personnel injuries there but #85 looked lost out there. I think some of Hank's scrambles were when 85 was in the wrong place or had run the wrong route or didn't work back. Don't get me wrong, all of those issues are correctable and I think he will be fine, but in a game like that you can't have a "teaching moment" for a new player. Hank needed to have confidence to send the ball to all receivers all game. If the other starters aren't ready next week, the loss of Gant will be huge.

Sacks given up: I think the points on running game and rookie receivers may be part of the problem here this game (it seemed like Hank was holding the ball for a count too long or didn't have enough time to make his reads on many plays), and the Peg front seven can get after a QB, but 6 sacks given up is a troubling stat.

All that having been said, great win and major step forward from last game. Good job.

BillyDee87 - I'm having trouble reconciling your "did okay" comment with Walker's 5 carries for 13 yds and Lamar's 4 carries for 16 yds. Adding in Burris' 6 carries for 47 yds that gives a team total of 76 yds total rushing - that is definitely not okay, especially when your QB is the leading rusher (i.e. scrambler).

Pegs defense is their strong point,
Tough to run against
Screens and swing passes to Chevy were somewhat sucessful which is similar to a run play.
My question is why did Peg stop running in the 2nd half
Chad Simpson had 100yrds in the 1st half on 5 carries
11 carries total for 116yrds - 2 TD's
Did the cats change their scheme in the 2nd half to make Buck throw more?

It was good to get the win but still have a long ways to go for this team to be consistent. The O-line has to do a better job of protecting Burris. The d-fence still needs alot of work. I dont understand why the Bombers quit runnung the ball but I,m glad they did. Burris played a great game for us. Lets hope every week we show improvement and get back to the Tiger-Cat football all us fans deserve. :rockin:

The Defence gave up 20 points.
Stiffed Simpson for the rest of the game after the 70 yard, 3 point run.
Piled up a half dozen sacks.
That is good defence in any league, in any circumstance.

Ya #85- S-C-C has played horrible this sides,out of the play..i can see glen mckay in there next game..although playing saskatchewan, watch for cortez' team to put up 45-50 points!!!

Yeah the rushing stats are not great. But, neither back fumbled, there were positive yard on most runs, no huge losses by running backwards to try and avoid tackles, swing passes and screen plays worked so looked at as a whole, an okay performance. Not great, not good, just "okay."

#85-S-C-C (believe he has potential,not quite ready to pull the plug just yet).....McKay may very well start next game,but bare in mind,only reason he was signed,was because of injury to Fantuz.When #83 returns,both theses guys will be riding the pine.I'll bet you a ham sandwich,that the greenies will no way tattoo us with 45-50 points!!!! If it happens I will personally chew,eat and swallow one of Georgies BIC pens. :slight_smile: