it's a sad day

well, this morning (sunday the 20th), live via webcast,the southside lower stands at ottawa's frank clair stadium was imploded. what a sight to see one's seats get blown up and to know you will never sit in those very stands again.not many good memories as far as wins and losses go but i'm sure anyone who had been to a game at FCS will attest-its a sad day.
oh well, onward and upward-here's to the first step in returning football to the nation's capital.

to see the video go to www for the implosion of the south side stands.

city legend

Sorry, I just posted the link in the Ottawa forum before I saw you’d posted this here.

Next up, Ivor Wynne Stadium. Well, it wouldn't need imploded, just a set of shears would take it down.

an Argos fan (I presume) knocking another stadium. That's amazing. Give me old with soul over concrete and gimmicky any day.

Yah, I have a deep love for old, soulful Ivor Wynne. But, if the march of time has taken its toll on the old girl it's time for something modern. That doesn't have to mean soulless and sterile however.

As for Clairsdowne stadium, I'm glad there is finally progress there, but too bad they can't build something completely new. A refurbish will be better than nothing though.

I'm not so sure they won't.

There was something said about doing a structural evaluation of the northside as well. If it is found that it is also potentially unsafe, then something's going to have to happen there. And that means the 67's hockey rink underneath, I would think.

Would Hunt's new buddies be willing to rebuild the entire stadium, including a new rink? Don't know.

Also, the south upper deck was only built something like 7-9 years later. It's going to become a problem too sooner or later. I would think they'll redo that side too rather than wait until it becomes an issue.

Would it be possible that a total rebuild wouldn't be a bad idea? Not that I'm criticizing anyone, but I'm not seeing many other "Your stadium ate my stadium" designs getting thrown down these days.

Wouldn't the effects of the blasts on the lower deck have affected the upper deck as well, given proximity? It looked pretty controlled, but still, it doesn't take too much to disturb old concrete sometimes.

I could swear I saw the lower right side of the upper deck shudder when the blast went off.

Maybe, but apparently everyone's happy. Happy, happy happy!

The Ottawa company contracted to bring down the lower deck of Frank Clair Stadium’s south side stands — 4,500 pounds of concrete and rebar — were happy that the upper stands were not damaged.

Fifteen seconds after project manager Chris Kollar counted down on the megaphone and pushed the button, the lower portion of the 1960s-built stands were gone, just the way they had planned.

“We didn’t want it to go backwards and do structural damage to the main columns,? Kollar said. “It didn’t: it came forward so, as you can see, there’s a couple of drain pipes hanging, but other than that it’s all good. The city’s happy, we’re happy, all the other consulting engineers on the project are happy. I am happy.?

When are the lower stand gonna be rebuilt?

IWS is one of my fav places. Many GREAT memories from my youth playing and attending football games. It is past it's time though and needs to come down. Whats wrong with accepting that? I can.

Oh by the way I didn't built Skydome, just paid for it. I will always love the Argos, no matter where they play. Its not perfect, but us 30 000 fans have a blast each game. KJ KJ KJ!!