its a mystery to me.

I read somewhere, maybe here, or not, that Wynn was supposed to have a broken jaw. The thing is, I can't find anything about it on the argos official site, and he does not appear to be on IR. Anyone know whats up?? Have I missed something?

no broken jaw no concussion either.
He returned to the game and practised the next day!

Last I heard he will start on Saturday

thanks. Pretty sad that I cant find that info on either CFL.CA homepage or Argos site, sigh.

.....why is it sad to not find something that didn't happen?....

Well, why would you find it on these sites, someone gets suspended for this "outrageous hit", and the guy is back no problem and no ill effects apparently. Both the CFL and Argos don't want to mention he is absolutely fine.

Haven't you not read about the Renegades no new owners? It is not anywhere either.


Schultz did not get suspended for his hit on Wynn, he was fined. It was Jurineack that was suspended for a late helmet-to-helmet hit that did not cause an injury. Unlike the Shultz hit, Jurineack’s head shot did not appear to be accidental.

There are two points here:

  1. Rules that are established for the specific purpose of preventing injury must be enforced - regardless of whether or not they are flagged at the time - or they will not be nearly as effective.
  2. It is the infraction that is penalized, not the outcome. The outcome could determine whether or not the infraction is deemed to be flagrant in which case the severity of the penalty would be impacted.

Third & Ten: That was pretty funny.

its sad because the guy was taken off the field in an ambulance, or so I have heard. Such a thing as that should require an official update, and not just be dependant on the media to find out and report. I love the league as far as the game goes, but the CFL head office is really two bit and bush in such matters, and many more that I wont go into here and now

Here is the last story on this site I could find

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They should have printed a follow up story. Stupid that they did not.

.....the league office doesn't dictate what the individual teams say about the health or status of their players...and if the argos want to play mind games with the Lions (their next opponent) that's their right to do so.....'not be dependant on the media to report'....?!?!?......the media is there to do precisely this function......

Respectively..Thats hogwash. Why have any story on this site at all then. Why not just leave it to the media to tell us everything.

Difference between telling us that he is ok, as in no broken jaw and such, and telling us if he is game ready.

....the site admins choose which stories to run and having a guy who was injured but now is not is probably not ranked very high onthe priority list....

ok footballyoubet, how bout you sit down and try to think of how stupid this topic is.

because you say so??

...sure, why not?.....

These people running this site are incompetent. Look how many yrs it took them to improve the site this much, yet it still is not par with such sites as and, sites that were already way better 5+ yrs earlier. For instance, when I last checked the live play by play for the argorider game, two hrs after it ended, they still had not added the last point scored. They print a story about someone being taken to the hospital with ambulance, then they dont follow up on it. Incompetence. Over the years, such and worse would fill a book. Ya send inquiries to them, they dont respond. There are threads on this site with others making such complaints, so ya dont have to just take my word for it.

....guess everyone has a right to complain....I just think you are making a big deal about a little what if they didn't run an article about Wynn NOT having a broken jaw, sheesh....

not exactly making a big deal, just commenting on it and responding to you guys. Just conversation and opinion is all. Not exactly having a stroke over it.

Not like I am calling for a boycott..or somebody's head....hmmm, OTOH.... :twisted: :lol: