Its a marathon

Just wanted to remind the other Als fans that this team is a work in progress. I'm as frustrated as you guys but I suspect the boys in uniform and coaching staff is even more so.

A big part of being a HC is being able to direct and supportplayers and assistants. They are in plain view for all to see so I am sure Trestman and Popp acknowledge it.

From my "amateur" perspective, this is what I'm seeing.


Offense: Team consistently abandons the run and loses balance on offense as the game progresses even with the lead!

Desjardins still is strugling big time: 4 Catches for 31 yards that's bad enough that teams don't even have to include him in their defensive schemes.


2nd down and anything: Teams have been able to convert second downs at will in the second half of the last 3 football games. This can only be explained by a lack of depth in the game planning and adjustments on defense.

Sanchez also seems to be consistently late on his receiver. Age? Shchemes?

Special Teams: Wow! Do they even practice them? More then any other aspect, special teams are killing this team. Its not a coincidence that there was 3 instances of contacting Duval (2 called). Teams know they have a good chance at blocking kicks against the Als. Lions didn't execute it well but its just a matter of time.

Kick cover teams are weak. Als are getting pushed around like little girs out there.

It will be interesting how Trestman handles the situation. Those coordinators are his pick and it his on him to either get these units fixed or give these two guys their slips.

So After 5 weeks

Offense: B+ Great production , lack of balance
Defense: C- Great first halves, Terrible second halves.
Special Teams: F: Negative yards every game vs opponents. Duval dosen't have enough time to get his kicks off. Lack of agression and technique on cover teams.

So its a marathon but we are running it with one good shoe and the elastic in our shorts is letting our Testies fall out... Let's fix the other shoe and buy a new pair of shorts.

Who is this Desjardins you are referring to? Do you mean Deslauriers or Desriveaux? The only Desjardins I know is Popp's assistant.

Eric Desjlaurier I'm sorry..Als starting Wideout
4 catch 31 yards in five games...

Herb Z. asserts on his blog that the Als only had 11 players on the field during the Smart touchdown. If true -- and I realize that's a big 'if' where Herb is concerned -- I want Squires fired NOW. Coordinators have to held accountable when their unit consistently fails to perform.

Special teams are really a problem this season, but like HFTC says it is a marathon