"It's a Lock!"

I'm not even going to say anything because I'm at a loss but I just wanted to get this out there:


Not that the Cats need any more motivation, but we need to demolish these guys. God only knows how many Bomber fans will be on here posting and rubbing it in our face if we lose. The fans are just as cocky as their players.

One has to question the intelligence on whoever gave this the go ahead. Thank you though for providing even more motivation to our guys to kick your ass...I hope a copy of this paper is in every locker stall in the dressing room today...

Hold your tongues for 4 hours, fans. Let's let this one simmer.


We'll see.

That is all.

Yes we will see them eat crow :twisted:

Time for a new sig!

And Ejiro Kuale should give whoever had that idea a call and let them know how that kind of talk worked out for him earlier this year.

Thank you Winnipeg Sun!


Lock? What lock?

:lol: :lol: :lol: im having agreat time, you think we're cocky? :roll:

Don't understand where the cockiness is, you haven't won the most important prize yet, and the team you will be facing is currently dismantling the Eskimos by 27 points.

You're next.....

You wont have the cold and wind and a noisy stadium working for you then.

You better hope for good luck....cause you're gonna need it...

I was going to try to take the high road today and not post here at all, but my god, how can you people call the Bombers and their fans cocky?

You are the team that has players like Dave Stala and Avon Cobourne shooting their mouths off and posting garbage on twitter every game.
You have the vocal minority of fans who crow and brag at every opportunity and rip down the Bombers at every turn (you know who they are).
You have the fans that endorse jumping in a boat to taunt an opposing team and its crowd, but also think it was completely justified for Bruce to pull an Allouette down by the hair for celebrating an int during his time in Hamilton.

Glad your having a great time. Now be sure to call us back next Sunday at 10:00 and tell us how your feeling ..

And you have that ridiculous "Swaggerville"...so save the sermonizing....

Then why do this? Go gloat on your own forum

Apparently you had intention because you DID post here

And Doug Brown hasn't shot his mouth off and didn't this week????

Oh, you mean like Nick and thekillerisme??????

You HAVE to admit..the boat incident that was funny as hell... and it is YOUR stadium personnel responsible for that.. .THEY put that damn boat there!!!

You know, you're right. I'm gone. I apologize to the decent posters on these forums. I shouldn't let the fact that I feel Hamilton has by far the rudest, cockiest posters among their vocal minority drag down my standards as well. So again, I apologize to the decent Tiger-Cat fans on this forum.

Apology not accepted Troll!

Thanks Half.

They are well aware of how much they and their team have mouthed off. We have the threads here to prove it, like their coach, they have a selective memory.

Swaggerville is all about cockiness. So I don't understand how you don't see that. We'll see how long that expression lasts next sunday...judging by tonight's western final..I give it til about half way through the first quarter....