It's a good thing the Grey Cup isn't played at 1:00 EST

I notice that TSN has not preempted their usual NFL Countdown show to do a pre-game EDSF show with their panel today. I know that TSN has been a big part of the resuscitation of the CFL, but this decision is very poor in my opinion.


I hope that this changes with the EDF which will be at Winnipeg also scheduled to start at 1:00 EST. :rockin:

Well at least the opening kickoff was delayed to 1:20 (approx) so we did get a mini pre-game show.


It won't Happen The NFL is too Popular in Canada

also Chris Burman who host of NFL count down show is Pro CFL..
They talk CFL every once in While..

Too popular for what? The CFL regularly gets more viewers in Canada than the NFL does. I like the NFL, but its popularity in Canada is inflated.

The NFL is a big deal in southern Ontario but in most other parts of the country especially city's with CFL teams the CFL is a lot bigger.

For years I did want a NFL Team In Canada
I've Changed my Mind
I think The CFL could Still do quite well even if a NFL team was in Toronto..