Its a girl!!!!!

Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo is now the proud father of a baby girl.

His wife Alexia gave birth to their first child today at 6 :30 a.m. Athena Sonia weighed just over 7 lbs.

The Alouettes congratulate the parents and welcome Baby Athena to the big Alouettes family.

So the big question is????? Is he starting against Winnipeg or helpping to change diapers, untill his wife is on her feet?

Can Ted White change diapers better than he can throw a pass?

Just askin!

congrats, can we still sign her.

At the age of 90 minutes, she made her first smile. That put her at par with uncle Don Matthews for total number of smiles.

Congratulations to the whole Calvillo family, and thank you Athena Sonia for keeping Ted White off the field.

Hey Third, How do you know Ted White won't start? Maybe Anthony will stay bedside with his wife and daughter for a week or two. Maybe he'll come to enjoy his new addition and take the rest of the year off, leaving the Montreal offense in Ted White's hands.....

Stir, Stir, Stir, the pot.......LOL

If the Als do end up signing Athena Sonia, it'd probably be as a future cheerleader (whatever y'all call your crew in Montréal). Just as long as she keeps Touché in line: wouldn't want the dirty bird to tick off the ref.. again. :lol:

Congrats to the Calvillo family.

Now AC get in that plane !

A girl!!
Whew!!!, that was a close one. I was worried there be another great future QB playing for Montreal!!
Congrats AC (as if he sees this).

The radio says he will be at practice to day so I guess he will be playing

Congarts to AC!

Congrats to the Calvillo family! Nothing more amazing than the birth of a child. I'm sure spankeedisco can attest to that!