It's a business Winnipeg

As a long time Bomber Season ticket holder I approve of this trade. I draw the analogy of a marriage breakdown. You like her but no longer love her and living together no longer makes sense. Charles did great things in Winnipeg since his arrival in 2001. No one denies he excites Winnipeg and CFL fans across the country with his open field moves and making something out of nothing. We all get old and getting old sucks especially as a professional athlete. He has lost a step which doesn't mean he's done and does mean he can't accomplish what the Bombers need him to do. He no longer makes something out of nothing which he consistently did in years past. Good luck in BC Charlie, I hope you revitalize your career.

To all the fans who have called CJOB and asked for Berry's head on a platter and Kevin Glenn's as dessert. Time will tell, all the management at Bomber head office, Bauer, Taman and Berry know that their own fortunes ride with the decisions they make regarding personnel on this team. I certainly would do things differently in some cases but I am a fan and obviously not qualified to coach or manage a professional football team because if I had the skills maybe I would be in the Bomber organization calling the shots.

I am the first to admit that this team is not up to par and there certainly has to be more changes. Even though the chance remains for the playoffs I am a realist and don't see them making it past the first round in any event. Let's look to next year, get a head start and evaluate current roster talent and potential next year talent through NFL cuts.

I like to think long term. This year is very disappointing and discouraging so let's look to the building a solid team for the future like Bomber power teams of the past and be a force to be reckoned with in the CFL.

Change is never easy and is necessary. Sentiment has no place in professional sports.

Trade the guy, that's business like you say. But don't go on radio and "state" that the guy has lost his game. Treat players fairly or the consequences for the organisation will be dire.

What's wrong with saying he's lost his game. That's the coach's assessment. No different when a coach is let go and some will say that the players let the coach down. It's a two way street in professional sports but coaches are higher on the food chain then players. What consequences for the organization, As a fan I want to see a a competitive and hopefully winning team. I have no patience for sub par performance by players or coaches who get paid to play a GAME!!!!

You really, beleive that Roberts with his 517 rushing yards and 251 receiving yards 5th in the league (yards from scrimmage) is the reason the Bombers have been losing?

You don't think it could be

The league high interceptions by Glenn who's really played 6.5 games and has thrown a league high 12 interceptions?


Alexis Serna with his league low 32 yard punt average and LEAGUE low 62% field goal efficiency?


Hall, Canada, Brown and Haywood with their LEAGUE low combined 12 sacks (front 4)


A really bad string of injuries and subpar coaching?

No, I am not saying its Roberts that has caused the losing that pervades the Bomber season this year. You make some valid points and many of those same issues have been raised in conversations. However, changes have to start somewhere and Roberts was deemed to be a potential weak link in the chain, not the only one but perhaps the first one that needed to be changed. Players are paid to play and he was deemed the first to go. It has to start somewhere, maybe you wish it started elsewhere but you and I are not the Coach , the GM or the Club President.

It's a business and then it's a game. Second place is always going to be first loser.

True...but its hard for me after watching Berry the last couple years think this is not personal. If you listened to Taman he put this decision squarely on Berry's shoulders, not once did he agree with his coach or diminish Roberts, all he said, is his job is to give his coach the players he wants and trade the ones he dosen't....Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the decision.

iunno i think roberts was still consistant. the big problem is that the offensive system changed alot this year and took away from his playing type. between that and a fued that seemed to develope between him and berry is the reason he was cut. roberts under the right system and getting a block or 2 is still the best back in the league.

i under stnad it is a buisness and the changes had to start somewhere but in the words of my old man "they ripped the bandage of the wrong wound"

The Bombers run a ball control type of offense similar to the one run in Montreal under Don Matthews. Doug Berry likes bruising backs like he had in Pringle in Montreal. Smith fits his type of offense. Roberts no longer fits the type of system Berry wishes to run. If Roberts is so good as everyone suggests why didn't some other team try and trade for him earlier this year. Because if they wanted him it certainly wasn't public knowledge.

Roberts may be a great running back in the CFL but not this year and that makes him expendable. Football much like life is "What have you done for me lately?"

Wow! That is exactly what I expected Berry to Say!

Not he’s lost a step…

Way to go Tophat…You need to drop your resume to Asper so you are first in line when he hires a PR guy.


I have to go with that HfxTC says here:

  1. roberts played himself of the team (follows. . .)

  2. in spite of what berry wanted.

Sad day in Bomber history for sure. Berry saying roberts isn't the same back he was 3 years ago doesn't have much weight to it. It was based on the fact Berry knew Roberts was traded on the coaches show. How could Berry refute that is what he said, when he was trying to cover up a consumated trade that wasn't public yet.

So in conclusion, this whole thread is absolutely moot banter. No points awarded.

However, berry cutting down roberts is no big deal. Roberts played himself off the team, but roberts made that choice, it means we do not to've respect roberts for it. Tophat could have gone a long way more just stating the simple truth.

We know what Troy Westwood and Charles Roberts have done for the Bombers over the years (highest playoff FG %age ever & almost 10,000 yards running, respectively), but what has Doug Berry and Kit Cartwright done for the Bombers?

They've taken a Grey Cup calibre team and run it into the ground with vanilla play calling (offense), a lack of 2nd half adjustments, & psychological abuse inside and outside the locker room. This has essentially cost the Bombers 2 Grey Cups.

Berry takes players like Westwood, Serna, Glenn and Roberts, ties them to the whipping post in public, shames them, breaks their spirits and throws them on the scrapheap, leaving nothing but carnage in his wake.

Don Matthews, Berry's mentor, knew who to push and how far--it served a constructive purpose. Berry's psychological abuse has caused nothing but damage, both to the players and the team.

There's a special place in hell for soul-killers like Berry. I can't wait to see him sent there. In the meantime, the Bomber's should assess the damage Berry and Cartwright have done to this organization and throw them both under the team bus.

And let Westwood and Roberts fight to see who drives...

I'm surprise how much support Berry gets in this forum and others.

This is how it goes down, when things are broke and ain't working.

As for Berry, you can't argue how he turned the team around when he got here. You have to give him a chance to try to do it again.

The Bomber offense (with Glenn) needs production on first down from their running back and Berry is placing the blame squarely on Roberts for not getting it done.

Berry obviously isn't going to change the offense, so the first step is changing the players.

Thankfully a sound mind chimes in…

Well said, my friend.

Although I’m a huge CR fan, he’s clearly not the same player this year. Even Bob Irving thinks he’s lost something…

...Everyhing will be evaluated during the games remaining and assessed at the end of the year . Changes will be made whether it be player personell or coaching staff...Management will also be scrutinized...This team is in a state of flux...but the year has NOT ended...It has been a disaster to this point in 08...BUT...i.m not throwing in the towel yet ..Berry and Taman will have to wear their latest decision (Roberts trade)..however lets give them a chance to operate with their new addition (JO-JO; i think Wally called him)One man is not going to stop this ship from floundering this year but at least give them a chance to do a little bailing.......I hope Smith is in the line-up Sunday... his style of running'could' open the door for bigger things on our offence...We'll see...signed Mr. Optimistic...GoBigBlue

It is a business and when the team is losing, there needs to be something done, Roberts to BC was just the beginning, and it was not a bad deal. I am tired of hearing all the whining from fans about the trade, again i will say, most BB fans are AFRAID of change.

Yes "Blink" did alot for this team, yes he is the pegs BEST BACK EVER. But if you have been watching the same games as i have, it was clear that HE HAS LOST A STEP. The coaches finally saw it as most KNOWLEDGABLE BB FANS saw it from day #1, it was a move that was coming regardless, better now than later.

Next you will start whining when Glenn is traded, or how about Stegall to a CONTENDER, i would love to see Milt get his ring, it won't be in a BB uniform though.

Bottom line is MOST fans saw it coming as i predict Glenn, Stegall and Simpson are to follow and maybe even more player's.

Look at the big picture, we have a running back like "blink" only younger in Fred Reid and a power back like Joe, i see the move as a good one, maybe we can see a 2 back attack with Reid and Joe (ie. remember Sellers&Blink), remember that running attack and how dangerous it was? defenses didn't know if Blink was going to break a SCAT run or IF SELLERS was going to RUN OVER them. which opened up the passing game and equaled SUCCESS.

When this happens you are going to be thanking BRENDAN for a GREAT MOVE, again just my opinion, but it ONLY MAKES LOGICAL SENSE (2 BACKS - 1 POWER AND 1 SCAT)

It's very debatable whether Roberts has lost a step. The team has played so poorly this season that singling out Roberts, a longtime Bomber and one of the best and most consistent running backs of the past decade, is really just a desperation move. You think Joe Smith is going to turn this team around? Think again.

We welcome posters with truly objective analysis. However, I disagree with the fact our team has turned itself over. When a trade of this kind takes place, the entire team takes a full circle so to speak. Our running game was not even a spot on the radar as far as warning signs go. Contact Smith if you think we'll be a threat or not. No one knows yet.

Has Roberts lost a step is irrelevant. The reality is that Roberts won't be the same running back as he was when with da bomba's.

To each his own opinion I say. I communicate the truth only, because I care to.

Who cares if he lost or didn't lose a step. He wasn't producing what the caoches felt he should. Their team their decsion. As a fan I want to see them win. These are professional athletes playing a game for money. How many of us are lucky enough to play a sport for a living. I couldn't care less who they replace as long as they win. Just win baby!!!!!

I'm just saying Roberts won't be the same player that raises your expectation in BC as we was in Winnipeg. Point being, he might be known well as blink in the peg' but more 'blank' in BC.