its a bloomin bummer

going into this season, my top 5 fav players

1 Durie
2 would have been kackert
3 owens
4 Mike reilly
5 Cornish

now, one in gone for good, and two others on vacation.

dare I continue to enjoy the other two, sigh

P.S. something is wrong with the QB rating system. The numbers of drew willy and mike reilly do not justify the huge difference in rating. ints same. tds same. Reilly has better completion percentage. OK, so drew has more yards. Doesn’t justify the rating diff. Guess they do not take into count yac yards.

For the love of god please don't like Reilly

I hear ya.....but tis too late. Liked him the first time I saw him in a lions pre season game. Kinda reminded me of Flutie.

How about you don't like Owens until Durie returns?. :thup:

And btw, I don't think Cornish and Durie consider their current situations as being "on vacation". :expressionless:

more people return 100% from vacation than the hospital (why don't we have a fingers crossed icon)

now chad owens to most likely miss at least one game

4 down, 1 to go. sigh

Yeah that is a bit of a head scratcher, Reilly has better completions percentage, higher TD percentage, lower interception percentage and he has rush for 103 yards compared to Willy's 18, yet Willy is rated higher, doesn't compute. If anyone know the formula being used, please pass it on.

Well, I do know that the rush yards aren't taken into account, since it's actually the "pass efficiency rating".