It's a Black T-Shirt (w/ 4 stripes)


Did the design team just give up?

They don't look terrible on the players or anything but c'mon... who got paid to come up with these?

It's a black t-shirt!

Also... Are the old jerseys going to go on sale now? I'd like to pick up a few more.

Old New-Design > New Design.

Itll be a black t-shirt with one or two stripes by the time the players are done modifying the sleeves :lol: however i think they will look better after for some reason.

It's because the boring new jerseys will be overshadowed by the exciting play on the field. :smiley:
Once Burris starts tossing bombs to Fantuz and Stala we won't even care if he's wearing a bra and a thong. 8)

I suggest contacting the store directly, either by phone or email. I suspect that they'll be selling them at a discount until they've sold them all. Worst they could say is no, right?

Good point.