it's a 10 Game Season! 0-0

it's a 10 game season! we're 0-0

new Coach, new Offensive Coordinator. new attitude and a new outlook for the team.

I will NOT look at this team anymore as 1-7 as they will not be the same Riders coming into the Bombers game.

they have a lot of work and Miller WILL get them focused and playing like they were at the start of the 2010 season.

Durant is going to be looked on for leadership and to play like he's got something to prove.

I agree. The team shouldnt even lok at the standings. Try to take it one game at a time and win it. If they van start to string some wins together while other teams falter, we can still do this. Funny but with the change i'm feeling better about the outcome of this season. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

that is all fine, but they are 2 games back of 3rd, so really it is a 12 game season, and they are 0-2.

don't need to worry about anything else.

all they have to do is win enough of these remaining 10 games to make the playoffs.

I agree - it will be a big deal if we can win one of the 2 games against Winnipeg - hopefully the one at home would be a nice way to begin the home stretch. One issue we will have to deal with in order to win enough games to make the playoffs will be field goal kicking. Is Luca going to ever come back? Is Eddie going to be able to come back for the Labour Day Classic? Hey nothing against Milo - I think he has a great future but right now we need someone who can make those FG’s and I don’t think he is the guy right now. The TO game was ours but for 2 missed FG’s.

I believe Congi will be ready to go for the next game, as will Koch. The question is how exactly does this effect Cap...9 game would technically be for the game in Winnipeg, the LD game would be the 9th game. Does bringing them back early mean that salaries from the start of the season to now would go against Cap? I know if you put a player on the 9game during the season and they come back early that their wages from injury time count against cap, but I don't think this is the case if they were hurt prior to/during pre-season, but I am not 100% sure. If it does count, it is unlikely they will be play in the next game, ready to go or not.

As for Eddy, I would be pretty surprised if he wasn't ready for the next game...he was apparently sore/strained muscles, not torn or sprains or anything.

if I remember you can only take 1 off the 9 game early. so if Luca is ready, they need him more than they need Koch. so that means Koch (if he is ready) will be back for the 10th game. and hopefully a few others.. aka Bagg (but I doubt it)

personally, I would take Koch off the IR list early if I could only take 1. Milo deserves another shot, and if Eddie is good to go, he would probably be fine if he does not have to kick and punt 15+ make Milo do kickoffs, converts, and short FGs for 1 game. Remember that if Congi comes back that Eddie kicks the long FGs anyways.

And of course if Hawkins is ready to go he probably trumps idea what his status is.

I for one am happy it’s not like 2008. all those broken legs and season ending injuries… good god that was awful!! :roll:

Please let me be the first to state that I am behind this team 110% and fully expect the team to come very close to making the playoffs, if not make it in this year. That said, I just caution everyone out there to limit their expectations to what Miller and the boys can reasonably be expected to do -- if not only for the symbolism, a win against Winnipeg on either of the next two weeks' games would be very nice (rivalry, ensuring not all other seven teams beat us this year...), but this team will need some time to develop and grow off of the real mentoring that we all know it will be getting during the coming 14-21 days. I hope for the best but prepare for what might be an 08 repeat; spending 60% of the last half-decade in the Grey Cup isn't too shabby though and I think all of us here can forgive the Riders for the occasional hiccup given those stats!

if we can get into the playoffs and if we manage to get back a few key players that were here last year? anything is possible!

I just want to see the Riders we are use to seeing. Swarming on Defense, exciting on Offense, Special Teams, ah... well... :roll: okay I dont want what we had for this one (curent version is fine). The last 4 years have been pretty good, hope we get back in that grove. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: