Please don't anyone respond to this troll . Just ignore it so these threads die. And maybe the mods could merge all his posts as he shouldn't be trolling like he is in the Lions forum in the first place.

Did one better, pennw…his threads have been moved, save for one he created where I’ve asked him for a third time to get his arse outta this forum…

PM me or another mod if he starts to do this again, in case mods don’t catch it right away.

Good job!

Thanks jmo2.... we were waiting for a mod to save the day!

Thanks jm02 . That clown was beyond just a troll , I would call him/her a spammer ,nothing more.

It won't stop him, he will keep at it.

Takes less time for a mod to push a delete button than for him to type a long post. Notice how much cleaner it is in here already today. :wink: