It'll Be A Packed House On June 22 At Ivor Wynne Stadium

Ivor Wynne Stadium will be packed on June 22 when the Hamilton Tiger-Cats take on the Montreal Alouettes, as season seat holders have reserved all available tickets for the team’s final pre-season game.

Last month, the Ticats offered season seat holders the opportunity to secure up to 10 complimentary tickets for friends, colleagues and family members to experience ‘Season Seat Holder Appreciation Day.’

“We’re always looking to provide unique benefits for our most dedicated fans, our season seat holders, and we’re thrilled with the way they have responded to this promotion. We look forward to a fun night for families and friends at Ivor Wynne Stadium on June 22,? said President Scott Mitchell.

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Good, now this is one pointless game we want to not only win but do very well in.This is an audition for the Cats to show the people who don't want to attend games why they should buy tickets and not just watch it at home.I think it was a pre-season game back in '05 or '06 that made me a die hard Ticat/CFL fan.Before that, just like most in the area I was of the opinion that the CFL was bush league.Boy am I glad that game corrected me :smiley:

My first ever TiCat game was last year's home pre-season game against the Bombers. I suppose it helped that we won, but I found that it was more entertaining than I was expecting it to be. Hopefully that's true for everyone who comes out next Wednesday.

I too want to thank the Ticats for this great opportunity to show off OUR GAME and the "game day experience" of the Ticats at Ivor Wynne. 3 sets of 4 tickets went to the local volunteer fire dept, ( Listowel and area ) and because we won't be able to attend that game ourselves, our 4 front row family section season tickets are being used along with a few others by a local minister and a youth group. Let's hope for good weather and a good game along with a Ticat win. :thup:

It's great to see a packed house even if there are a lot of give aways. Hopefully the people that got the freebies will come back and buy tickets and they will buy a lot of merchandise and concessions at the game.
I hope the July 1st can be another tradition like the Labour Day game, the last time we hosted a July 1st game it was too successful.

That's great news. Hopefully the Ti-Cats have a good year at the gate, and some of the casual fans attending the pre-season game, get hooked and decided to buy more tickets. I think this is a great initiative on the Ti-cats behalf.

Meant to say the last time we hosted a Canada Day home opener it WAS NOT well attended and it was a great show. Have to make this a must see game just like Labour Day