It'll be a cat/bird fight in Moncton on September 21

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So, including the preseason game, that leaves a maximum of 9 for Guelph.

Can't wait, even if i'm just watching it on TV I enjoy the excitement and enthusiasm of the Moncton crowd.

We'll be there! Looking forward to the trip down there!

This is a great match-up , this game should sell out quite quickly for alot of reasons, -------Cat fans travel well , its relatively close to Montreal , Moncton is both a French and English city . Gosh, I see no downside to this match-up ------Just hope good tickets aren’t too hard to secure.

Hey even some of us Argo fans will be there for sure.

Great!! I was there when you guys played Edm three years ago and it was a party for sure-------I hope the Cats secure the same Irish Pub for their" leading up to the game" festivities that you guys had . I think it was called The Old Triangle Irish Pub, man, the night before the game that was one fun time !! It is also a Saturday game which is great as well.

Not sure if I can go but nice to see another CFL game out east again. :thup:

I also plan to be going this year, can anyone that has gone fill me in on what airline they took and hotel they stayed at and was it close to the stadium etc! Prices would be nice roughly also! Thanks in advance!! :thup:

Yes it was awesome, the few days before and the game itself.
Now, don't get me going and to relive the bad Lemon memories.
The city was a buzz.
I do recall dropping by the Irish Pub as well.

We stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn, right downtown where all the festivities are, the stadium is about a 10 min cab ride to the university, it's better to stay downtown, there is not much around the stadium. We flew west jet, look for the sales. We also rented a car from enterprise, 10.00 bucks a day, pretty cheap !

It was like a mini grey cup, the Main Street was closed, it was like a festival, with bands and that east coast hospitality :thup:

I cats wait to go :rockin:

Thanks TC23

St James Gate... Excellent Chef there too. Highly recommend dinner outdoors there if weather is good. Late September is risky, let's hope the weather cooperates.