It would be a STEAL

If Singh and Karikari{sp} signs with the Rens. I don't know bout you but i feel good that the Rens are pursing these two along with Sandy A. Anyways our Receiver Corps looks good with Armstead,Woodcock and others who i feel should step up to the plate. I feel confident the Rens will make the Playoffs. the team will be exciting and we might see some surprises. Also i want to point out this. Yes i am abit negative but i am hoping this season will change the team and from this day i am going to be postive as much as i can and hope for the best.

They key to the Gades success is with Canadian offensive linemen.

End of story. Run and shoot regardless.

They way Wally is "dicking" around with could turn out into a real possibillity he may show up in Ottawa!

let KK come to WPG, you guys can have everyone else, but leave Kahari Jones to the peg as well.