It wasn't the officials it was us.

Yes the Bombers were the ones who caused our own loss. The officials did not make Saskatchewan the winners or us the losers.

Now that I've made that clear I will go to the main point of my topic and that is that something has to be done about the horrible officiating. The officiating was autrocious during the Bomber/Rider game. Whether it be instant replay or new officials something has to be done. Fast!

I will again repeat that the Bombers lost because they played bad and not because of the officials. Just making sure that is clear.

i feel bad for you guys, instead of being behind by one TD, it turned into three... i was so disapointed because i wanted to see the riders drop an other game...... (can't get enough of them losing)

Gee, thanks EEsks. Appreciate that. :smiley: The question is, how do we improve the reffing? Is the CFL at the point where we can pay refs to be full-time refs? Are there reffing clinics out there that they can attend? Would it work to have crews full time between University, Junior football and the CFL, so that between the three leagues they can be full time? Just curious how we improve the officiating, rather than just bashing them. I’m sure most of them are doing as best as they can, and better than I would.

........good approach gng, I think it has to go the route of full-time paid refs who are practicing during the week just like the teams do.......

I'm not huge on the intricacies of football, so I'm curious - how do refs practice during the week? I assume that they couldn't practice with one particular team (favoritism could set in real quick), so what does that look like. I'm not trying to disagree with the idea, I just don't know enough about the officials to know what a "practice" looks like for them.

BTW, what do they do for the refs in the NFL?


No matter what the CFL does , this will not get better until YULE and IRELAND , retire.They are too old school , CFL.

It is not just that they blow calls......but games are ruined because these 2 egomaniacs love to be on T.V.

It seems like there is still a penilty on every second play. It ruins the game for every one.

Two words, instant replay, it will give the cfl the much needed credibility it is now lacking and there would be no need for full time refs with it.

the effin' reffin' in the LD. game was not the cause of the loss for the Bombers ...agreed......but is it my imagination or has there been more confusion and huddles by the striped guys this year than there has been previously....if this is supposed to be an improvement year for the Refs....I can't see it... 8)

I am just curious which particular call was the one that set the bombers back. I know you guys are not complaining that you lost about the refs,. This is a serious question. I was at the game, so I didn't get anouncing, or the many camera angles.
Worst call I saw all night was the missed pass interference call on Stegal in the endzone, that they ruled an incompletion. It was a blatant pushoff. I didn't see if he did catch it or not, but regardless, it should not have been a TD. I saw one replay of it, and the cameras got there just after the push, but Ithat was my cirner of my endzone. I saw the push clearly. In fact after they kicked the field goal, Eddie Davis spent a good minute talking to the refs in the middle of the field about it.