It wasn't that pretty but we got it done.

I was happy that in last night's game against Edmonton, the Riders didn't let up in spite of twice being down by 2 touchdowns and a lot of our starting lineup not playing (not to mention the game wouldn't affect our standing). I kind of felt bad for Flemming that his story book ending kick was negated, but the Esks had blown 2 pretty big leads already. How many times in the past have we Rider fans seen our team do just that? The Riders of old would not have won that game. I think one thing Coach Austin has brought to both the team and the fans this year is the belief that winning doesn't always have to be just a "happy accident". If you want to see your future, create it. Here's to continuing to think like Champs... Go Riders!!!!!!!

Good teams find a way to win, I was impressed they did it with mostly backups, gives them a sense of belonging and more importantly game experience should a starter fall.

The only team in the Riders way is Calgary, i hope Burris runs for his life in that game and the Riders dominate, they have to get on Burris very early keep him in the pocket and tigh coverage. Joeseph will need to use his legs for a Rider win, hope the guys are healthy come game day. Taylor Feild will be rockin!

So true - it seems like maybe the 'Riders are back to the form of earlier this year when they were finding ways to win even when it looked hopeless. After the loss to BC I was wondering whether they had lost it. Next week is going to be the real test for our offense - it seems the Toronto defense can make anyone look bad. I felt bad for Fleming as well.

Looks like Burris is still putting up big offensive numbers but those 3 interceptions this week make me think he could still very easily tank in Regina but you sure can't count on that.

You just never know what you will get from Henry. He could throw for 400 and 5 touchdowns against our secondary but he could also throw 5 picks to that same secondary. They have the weapons to burn us and put up a ton of points.

I just hope the emotions of this game wont get to some of the younger guys and have them go out and try to do too much. I think Austin will have them as level headed as they have been all season. I just don't know what to think for this game. My heart says the Riders are the team of destiny with the team coming together this year and everything they have been through BUT I also thought the Colorado Rockies were the team of destiny and the Red Sox shut that up in 4 short games :s.

hehehe. There is a lot bigger talent difference between the Rockies and the Sox than there ever will be between two teams in the CFL now that we have a real SMS.

Hamilton and Edmonton may beg to differ.