It wasn't pretty but we'll take the 2 points!

Two quick interceptions against the Argos in the first few minutes of the game and I was looking for a total Lions blow out! But no way!

27 penalties???? What the hey? Give me a break. On the other thread I was trying to give the guys in the zebra shirts a little moral support and say that for the most part they usually get it right. I may have to change my stripes after watching today's game. Maybe the refs are not as good as I thought. :frowning: The Lions were robbed of a TD interception when Williams was called for being off-side. He wasn't. Then Toronto after a great 3 down goal line stance gets called for being off-side giving the Lions a new set of downs resulting in a TD. Karma? I guess that's what some would call it.

Question for the board:

I thought all scoring plays are reviewed. When Parker ran the ball in for a TD after intercepting Ray's pass wasn't the play reviewed and wouldn't the erroneous off-side penalty call against Williams be included in the review and subsequently overturned? That would have allowed the TD to stand. Maybe they need to make a rule change that includes penalty calls during a scoring play.

Any penalty is not reviewable. Scoring plays are reviewed to ensure that the player actually crossed the goal line and broke the plane.

Interesting point Beagle as it is reviewable if a QB crossed the line of scrimmage when making a throw- This is reviewable. Field goals are not reviewable as I dont see how the command centre can overturn an OFFICIAL calling a fgoal good or not-

I am not sure if 13 players on the field is reviewable also in the CFL as it is in the NFL--

Lions got the job done- If we dont turn the ball over and play defense and stop the run, we are very hard to beat---

For whatever reason the Lions seemed asleep vs the ESKIMOS at home- Jyles looked like TOM BRADY and if you remember that game the ESKIES running back CHARLES was getting 5 yards on almost every single first down carry- That night the LIONS looked asleep--

They have now awoken the last 2 games and have let the leauge know that they are BACK-- They are the best vs the run I think in the CFL- when they STOP THE RUN they start making 2 to 3 INTERCEPTIONS per game---

Look at BIGHILL he is everywhere- PARKER and MARSH are solid also-- MITHELL TAYOR are animals and KERON is also a stud-

Offensively we play the short passing game that moves the chains and LULAY makes no mistakes-- SIMON had 2 catches for 26 yards and another DROP at the endzone early in the game after contact-- I think its clear that the #1 targets on the team are BRUCE and GORE and the IMPORT short side receiver whether that be KIERRE JOHNOSN or ERNIE JACKSON-- Simon is possession at this point in his career as he cannot take contact and hang on to the ball--

Harris is his usual DOMINANT self--

Keep it up LIONS-- the defense the last 2 games as as DOMINANT and more DOMINANT than last years defense--

THey seem to be playing with a chip on their shoulders and are really playing well-- BIGHILL is making us forget about ELIMINEAN?

Generally true. Penalties can be added or rescinded as a DIRECT result of an otherwise reviewable play; a couple of examples being passer crossing the line of scrimmage (illegal forward pass) or a fumble caused by a previously undetected foul (fumble ruling cancelled and penalty applied).