It wasn't as bad as it looks

Casey showed somethings, he was gunning the ball into tight windows, the receivers seem improved and defensively they were just out schemed by a system they had no clue about heading into the game. OK that is all for now, you can now continue on with your player bashing, angry rants and over the top negativity lol.

That's a gold plate QB, folks. That sure isn't the issue now.

Oski Wee Wee,

So once again we were outcoached !

I very much agree!

Printers is the real deal...but as I said on another thread, we gotta get him rolling out and running a couple of bootlegs and get him moving when WE want him to, not when he has worked for AC and the Als tonight...drove McKay and Keith nuts

Printers looked pretty good but the play calling was alittle vanilla. They looked unprepared.

Well, they had moments. Moments don't cut it if the team doesn't score majors consistently. I think we have too many receivers who are watching Printers trying to be Houdini instead of working themselves free when the play begins to break down. Woodcock and Mitchell seemed to be the two guys doing the most to get open whenever Printers had to scramble.

If we play the spread approach, guys had better react better to what the opposing defensive approach is (particularly taking advantage of zone situations). It is less of a O-line problem than an inherent weakness of the system if guys can't make the correct option routes or hot reads to save Casey's bacon.

It is frustrating to see a guy throwing darts most of the night and the team doesn't go anywhere!

Oski Wee Wee,

Another positive...Printers going back to Mitchell after his fumble.

Yes. Mitchell did get himself back into the game after his miscues. He needs to work on being consistent, but a young receiver does need some time. Casey showed good judgement in going back to Scott. There could be a chemistry there. Mind you, if the rest of the lab keeps blowing up, that is moot...LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Agreed. I thought a key benefit of having a mobile quarterback is that you can move the pocket around, have him roll out etc.

Maybe they're so scared of getting him injured that they're reluctant to scheme that stuff? Just let him get pummeled in the pocket where the rules supposedly protect him?

Or maybe Casey still has camp legs?

its the first game and after only 2 preseason games I am giving them a break on this one. I think us fans just had too high of hopes and the coach did say the other day that there would be growing pains. Maybe we are a decent team but tonights game was our low point of the year, our stinker? I am as frustrated as anyone but we cant give up on them now. They are gonna turn a corner and when they do it will be awesome to be a part of it.

I agree. If it was labour day I'd be pretty worried. And no, moments are not enough as someone else said, but the fact that those moments are present is something that they will build on. By mid season, those flashes we saw tonight will be a consistent four quarter diet. This team will be a tough competitor.

did anyone see willie ponder?

The TSN cameras caught him hanging out in a beer tent. :wink:

Well, he may as well have been. He probably would've felt alot better about the game if he had a couple.

The problem is that the Als looked far superior at everything they did. They picked apart the secondary, ran the ball down the heart of the defence. Easily stopped the Ticats running game and all over our receivers.

The scary thing is they are the THIRD best team in the East.

Welcome to the world of a Marcel Bellefeuille offence. We Als fans had to suffer through that last year.

Agree, as bad as this seemed to look, I actually came out of this game thinking we can win. Hey, the Als have a better team than a lot of people thought, our old qb Calvillo was unreal, hasn't lost anything from being away from things for a while. They shut down Lumsden but Casey can do some magic and drill the ball, receivers have to make the plays and hold onto the ball. If you keep giving the ball to a team like the Als, you're toast, they are very good even without some of their starters. But you have to get one yard on that 3rd and one, hell, they give you a yard in this league. Do a friggin qb sneak, is it that difficult?
I say we are going to win the next game!

Not that I'm trying to find excuses, but, I have one. If you are a re-building team, a schedule with only two exhibition games is not helpful.

The first third of this season is going to be about getting experience: Printers getting his game back, rookie receivers, secondary, coordinators. Basically an extended training camp.

I see July 25's game against Edmonton as pivotal. By then the bugs have to be worked out, some momentum building, and the team acting like a team.

Sure, we've been saying stuff like this for a few years now. However, this year the ducks seem to be in order: a proven GM, coach, QB, strong Canadian talent. I see good things later this season.

Damn...I wish I wrote that! :lol:

I feel the same way...a good showing next week against Toronto will help...but Toronto it will be tough going!

I was disapointed with the score but I saw lots that made me feel good about our future!


agreed now that I have slept on it!