It was more the Riders Winning than the Ti-Cats not showing.

I Don't want to hear anyone make excuses for the Cats..

it was a hell of a lot more the Riders coming out and dominating than the Ti-Cats not showing up to play.

Riders were just playing too good for the Cats to have a chance!

Do you really truly believe that HAMILTON , is that bad? SASK. , were much better than the pre-season showed but it is only the first game of the season.

I think that Hamilton were over confident because every one and their mother thought that they would win. The press was focusing all of their attention on Hamilton saying they were one of the teams to beat.

To follow your logic , then Montreal , Winnipeg and Toronto must be that bad , as well.
I guess that every team in the East will not win 1 game against the West all year. :wink:

no excuses here.
The Riders vastly outplayed the Cats on both sides of the ball, fair and square.
Among other tangibles, shoddy man coverage, suspect Oline, little to nonexistent Dline, foolish penalties etc etc lead to this outcome for the home team.
And aside from Congi, the ST did not impress greatly.

Not sure if it is a lack of preparation, focus, game plan or player issues, although we will have a better comprehension in the followup games I gather.
On paper, the team should improve....I hope.

A few bright spots though, in Chevron Walker, Chris Williams and a decent showing by Burris.

…there is no logic in blatant homerism


Don't get me wrong, Saskatchewan played great and deserve full credit for the victory, but it was a three-point game at halftime. It's not like the Riders domainted from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. We'll see what's what in four weeks when the Cats get a chance to return the favour in Regina.

yawn.... :wink:

It's been one game, folks. We'll see whose got the better record 17 games from now. :stuck_out_tongue:

What happened in the second half???

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I believe it was a strong combination of both.

The Riders had 511 yards of offense, sure, but also gave up 432. That is a lot of yards to surrender and only give up 16 points.

There is no doubt the Rider O was on...they adjusted well a couple of times and took what was given. But the Hamilton D was also not stellar.

The Rider D was a bend don't break D, and got pretty good pressure on the QB. Hamilton still managed a pile of yards, but typically even on a bad day Henry is going to rack up numbers due to his athleticism and ability to make stuff up on the fly. They also gave up 2 monstrous plays (though one came back), and that is a little concerning.

What u describe is the famous Hall D of "bend but don't break". As such this D definitely did that. Only 3 points for the hamburger Ticats in the entire second half (hamburger).

The biggest improvement for the Green Machine was the Oline. Fans here knew we had a much improved team this year (how ANYONE compares them to the 5-13 team of last year is beyond me). This team is rebuilt. We saw how much Winnipeg and Edmonton improved in one year (last yr), why the Riders can't do the same makes no sense. Eastern have been so desperate for a strong conference that they have promoted to just due to Ray and Burriss. They forget it is a team game with salary cap.

It's just one game - but you are correct that sometimes a team wins because they outplay or out luck their opponent. Some times teams lose because they played poorly. In this singular game I agree - the Riders won because they played to win and took it to the Cats. There will be games the Riders will not win because they crap the bed - just like every other team.

Week 2 will give us a better idea on some teams.

How will Hamilton perform against BC?

Will Toronto look good against Calgary?

Will Saskatchewan be good against Edmonton/ the reverse applies.

How will Montreal and Winnipeg fare? Montreal had one of the worse defence in week 1 while Winnipeg had the worst offence.


Famous ?

...a very moveable object meets a completely resistible force...the physics will be incalculable, so will the entertainment expectation....

...'infamous' is my guess....but from a stampeder perspective famous works too...

Nice :wink: ....prickle

...actually, I expect the Montreal D comes out very po'd with this last week's offering and is looking for revenge on whatever uniform is in front of them....the Winnipeg O comes out somewhat unsure of it's capability, which is decent, but inwardly questioning itself (ie - can Buck really do this? with his body, not his heart), depends on how quickly Winnipeg can get confidence, if they can..

...on the other side, again I beleive the Montreal O comes to the game with revenge on it's mind to waylay criticism that it is the old lion ready to be usurped by the next rival in the eastern mating order, but the Bomber D is not an easy foe to bump chests with...

Cfl’s homerism is what I missed. The only bigger homer was Turkey. Is he still MIA? :o

The eastern teams all look very vulernable right now, for a couple of them, I wouldn't be surprised to see them only win 4 or 5 games all year. Don't know which ones yet though.

Probably the one's against each other. :wink: :slight_smile: