It was just one game

Get over it folks. It was one game.

Remember this team's record last year.

The Ti-Cats are re-building and have made great acquisitions. The O line is completely re-built. New offence. New linebackers. Give them a chance.

Did you expect to go undefeated?

It's been over forty-eight hours. Time for all the typical: fire Marshall, fire Lancaster, fire Bob, fire TC and Stripes, trade the QB, lynch Yeast (although I support this sentiment even during the victories) I want my money back, I'll never attend another game, blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine.

This will be an exciting year. We'll be treated to great football. Maybe we'll win the Cup, maybe we won't. However, I still predict a championship in 2007, in the blue team's house; with many of us in attendance. How great will that be?

you are so right ,everyone is over reacting ,i think this year we actualy have a chance at the greycup

Also, don’t forget of course…cut (or trade) Martin, Flick, Barrenchea, Boreham, Ranek, Coach Reed, Eakin, the entire defense…and the list goes on…and I start a thread about possibly utilizing our great quarterbacks differently and the whole world comes to an end…hahahaha

(I’ve got things to say about that but I’ll post later)

^^^Another attempt at hijacking a thread?

Back on topic.

I don't think most people are panicing. The internet is not a true sampling of fans, and the odd opinion gets too much weight at times.

I think most Ti-Cat fans have a proper perspective on game one.

refraing from jumping all over mikey's post comparing his non-sense to Ockham's insistance of level-headed NON panic mode[/]