It was fun watching the whole TSN hockey analysts yesterday

say that the Senators were the best team now with the new CBA... And was the best chance for a Canadian team to win the cup... and compared them to the Devils years.... YEAH!!

And they also said that the LEAFS were in trouble.

(ya hear that "GADES" ....)

I'm gonna put this on the Argos pages and watch the sparks go!!!

Who wants to watch!!!!???

Yes, these were also the same analysts who predicted that the Leafs weren't going to make the playoffs last season and that they wouldn't be able to handle the Sens in the first round of the playoffs. Wrong on both accounts. That's why the game is played. I'll tell you one thing though, this is going to be one helluva interesting summer, that's for sure.

I have been looking forward to a new NHL CBA for the last decade - now my Oilers don't have to lose all their star players at the end of each season.

And now there are no more excuses either.

It’s going to be great for Calgary and Edmonton.