It was a great run Eskimo fans!

:thup: I know this may surprise a few of you but it must be said. Eskimo fans - you should be very proud of 34 straight years of football playoff bound teams. I will also say that the Esks had lots of bad luck this year and are much better than their record shows. Good things all must come to an end. Your QB is one of the best in the league if not the best. Have some faith for next year!! I feel your pain from experience!! Having said this, My RIDERS ARE IN AND SHOOTING FOR THE HOME FIELD PLAYOFF GAME. GO RIDERS GO!!!

If he was the best in the leauge turkybend he would of bailed the Esks out....he tossed a ball that should have never been thrown, outcome was 7 points the other way and bye..bye..streak..

Riiiiiiiight. No great quarterback in the history of the league has ever missed the playoffs. Ray's personal stats would indicate that he is the QB of yet another Grey Cup Championship team. The Eskimo's woes do not fall on Ray's shoulders. He's a good, young (26 years old) QB, with nothing but upside ahead of him.

That couldn't get the job done, again. Now if you had a man like Maas standing on the sidelines, that could come in and bail him out...Esks would see post season action in 06..

...I think you;re correct hank....dancing Danny didn't have Maas (who he really loves) to go to....Ray not only threw that game away....but fumbled a couple away also...The Esks. have a weak 'o' line....I was surprised they didn't get a lot more holding penalties...cuz that's what they were doing all year....```to be fair Ray had to put up with a very weak 'o' line....but so did Glenn because of injuries...and we made it to the play-offs...Maybe Ricky is a 'tad' over-rated..... :wink: :roll:

Perhaps, papa, but you know what impressed me about Ray yesterday?? There were less than a dozen seconds on the clock, no chance to win because they needed two scores, no chance remaining to salvage their playoff opportunities, and Ray didn't give up.....he still took the ball to the endzone.....I always thought Ray was good, but that play made a big impression on me......

As much as this pains me to say i have alot of
respect for Ray, doesnt complain, plays with
pain, tough as nails, not arrogant.

It wasnt his fault they missed the playoffs.

...yup....and i think that's how Eski-fans will probably want to remember a positive fashion....Now on the other-hand looking at Danny M.'S face after the final whistle....that's how you don't want to go out.....i think i read his lips and he was :wink:

.....someone really should put together a video sequence of Maciocia's greatest moments, as suggested by his expression, as taken by the Maciocia-Cam.....start with the blocked fieldgoal last season and let 'er roll.....

ray gets hit over and over, but keeps getting up and keeps making plays…not his fault the defence got burned time and time again…and as jordan younger of the argos said: watch game film, the eskies run the same plays, they are too predictable…

I Love this, but the fact is when I see the Green and Gold I always think of success!

You really don't watch much football, do you, hank? Maas hasn't been capable of bailing out his own team, let alone anybody else this year. Unlike Ray, Maas is very injury prone, as has been proven by his 2 back surgeries, and the shoulder surgery on his throwing arm. If Maas is asked to play only 2 halves of football per year, there is a chance that he will remain healthy. But, it is difficult to justify paying someone hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to play 2 halves of football. Over an 18 game schedule as a starter, Maas has NEVER had a winning record, anywhere. I believe Maas was playing through several of those injuries this year, but the fact of the matter is, Ray threw for over 1,400 more yards this year than Maas, for a reason. Heck, there are rumours Maas might even be cut from Hamilton this off season. And if Maas returns to Edmonton, it would be more as an assistant coach, not as a brittle as glass QB with great leadership, but a broken body that can't do it anymore.