it was a good run....

6-1 is alot better start than i think even the most diehard rider fan could predict before the season started. Hopefully we start working on our pass rush, the injury bug goes away and we realize the next game after our first loss is the most important this year. I'm intrested to see how they respond.

Man that crow was so close LOL

Team needs to get healthy in a big way, but I don't think that is actually possible this season.

If they would have been able to get anything done in the first half this would be a different story but they didn't wake up until the last 1/3 of the game.

I like how they woke up and played hard to the end.

Re: injuries, don’t we have Chick coming back as well as a couple others (Johnson?maybe Heard?). Not that it will help our offense but it could make our defense even tougher.

The positive is that I don’t think we suffered any injuries this game, and we should have some guys returning soon. I think the team showed when they wanted to they could still play at an elite level, it’s just too bad it was only 1 quarter.

Sorry Dust but we lost another starter to another broken tibia, Belton Johnson on the O-line ...

Well technically he's a backup when January returns... but still bad news, he played really well last week in Calgary.

I remember Madden and Michaels talking about this last year. The same thing happened to the Colts. The defending champ seems to always get hit with injuries.

We Should have all our current injured players back before the playoffs. They said that it would be 9-11 weeks for D.J. Flick, and 8-10 for Andy Fantuz.

I look at this game as one of the best things to happen for the riders (going 6-0 was the other).

My reasoning is simple. Look at BC in recent years, 11-0, or something like that, they get a loss, then their seasons tanked.

This loss happened early enough that lessons can be learned, the team can return to a grounded state, and can now just focus on football, rather than on the record for best start ever. It's amazing how many bad habits you pick up when you are constantly winning.

The best business lessons I ever got happened when I made big mistakes, not major successes.

6-1 is still a dandelion fine record, and if you had told me at the beginning of the year that the Riders would be 6-1 after 7 games, I would have asked for your "supplier".

No saying "Riders Suck". They are still the best in the league, have beaten every team, except Winnipeg (and I'm pretty sure they will get around to doing that), and have done so with a large number of 2nd/3rd/4th stringers.

That said, if Durant was healthy, I think he would have been playing in the 2nd half.

Now if only I can get that one fan to quit yelling "Watch the holding. Watch the offside" EVERY PLAY. It gets old pretty quick.

Good finish Riders - we were only a couple of plays away from winning this one too. The Palmer fumble is one play that comes to mind. The way our guys rallied in the last quarter was phenomenal.

Marcus was not inspiring today. He seemed to have another tentative game. He needs to get the offense firing on all cylinders and fast. Last week he was throwing low and balls were getting batted out of the sky.

This week he couldn't fake a hand off and appears to be telegraphing his plays. And for someone who was to be more accurate then Joseph, he hasn't shown it. That throw to cates late in the game, he was lucky it wasn't intercepted.

I agree that timing might be an issue with some of the recievers who haven't played as much. But all of them that dressed have been here all season. So injuries are not an excuse.

I would prefer to call this thread, it IS a good run. We're top of the league! :rockin:

No excuse?

How about this. Father and son talking. His boy plays junior league hockey. Good game tonight son? No we got beat. We lost 4-3. Scored 3 goals late. Almost won. Our goalie broke his leg in 1st period. And Dad our 3 best wingers are hurt to. Remember? And 1 of our best defencemen is hurt to. We did our best.

Son thats no excuse. Shut up. Quit complaining. I expect you to win. Injuries are no excuse. But Dad we are 6 and 1.

Mike, I think there were three things on offence under our control (not counting what Stamps did differently) that combined to make the first three quarters nothing to remember for the right reasons: 1. not the same variety of play calling (few screens, few sweeps, few deep attempts, etc.) as we have had in the past; 2. many more dropped passes than normal (rookie receivers); and then, I would agree, Crandall seemed tentative (but I wonder how much the first two affect the second). I don't think he telegraphed more than qb's that are considered top calibre ... and I am sure you are not expecting perfection - he's allowed to miss once in awhile.

Having said that, I think this is actually a good loss (if there is such a thing) in the long run, as it will keep egos in check and remind players how fun it isn't to lose. So, Austin, I'm with ya - 6 and 1 looks real good on us.

Great post, leaglbeagle

Austin....if you want to go back a cheer for the kids league...go ahead.

Yes, we were missing Fantuz, Flick and Matt D....But Bowman and Dressler were starters, so who else was in both Washington and Palmer....two players who were around most of last year. Who knew the system. So with this kind of talent, there should be no excuses for only scoring 5 points in 5 quarters of play going back to last game.

I agree with legal's comments about the place. However, in terms of many play actions were the riders defense following. This game how play actions was Calgary's. Not many, I mean even I could tell watching the on tv when Crandell was going to hand off...and even which way Cates was goint to run.

I agree....I think this loss was will force them to re-focus.

Yes, we were missing Fantuz, Flick and Matt D....But Bowman and Dressler were starters, so who else was in both Washington and Palmer....two players who were around most of last year. Who knew the system. So with this kind of talent, there should be no excuses for only scoring 5 points in 5 quarters of play going back to last game.

Injuries are no excuse for losing... the 'riders have proven it, so no team can ever use that for an excuse ever again (but they will)...

Bowman and Dressler were part of the 42 man roster, but neither of them "started" with the offense when they first walked onto the field for the first offensive series of a game. Bowman was on the depth chart as a back up to Dominguez (except in game one when Dominguez was still injured) and Dressler was the return man before the injuries started to happen.

Bowman and Dressler are talented young players but both are raw rookies, and raw rookies rarely play as well as veterans at first. Coaches have that saying that for every rookie that starts (not the backups) each rookie starter will cost you a game each.

I feel that both Bowman and Dressler have the potential to be as good as if not better than Dominguez and Flick eventually, but not yet. Maybe in September, but not in early August. They will improve as they and Crandell get more comfortable with each other. There is a big difference between a talented rookie and a seasoned professional.

There are no comparisons really if one is trying to compare Andy Fantuz to Michael Palmer, Mike Dominguez to Adarius Bowman (yet)or D.J. Flick to Mike Washington... Fantuz, Dominguez and Flick were prior to their injuries better at the game than those who are now asked to replace them.

Also, the 'riders have counted on 3 quarterbacks in 7 games. This is Crandell's 3rd start really with 3/4 of the starting receiving corps now being either backups, special team players or injury replacements... If the 'riders still had Dominguez, Flick and Fantuz, the 'riders would kick butt with Crandell at Quarterback... With Dominguez, Flick and Fantuz, the 'riders would kick butt no matter who is Quarterback I think.

One close loss (the 'riders were so close to pulling off a miracle) with Marcus Crandell at Quarterback is not a cause for concern... having a team's 3 top receivers out for a season is, until the rookie replacements start to get a better feel for the game...

Asking Bowman and Dressler who have spent their lives playing 4 down football, to become stars immediately in a totally different game than they grew up playing is asking too much right now. And asking Michael Palmer to play as well as Andy Fantuz is ridiculous... Mike Washington, the jury is still in concerning him.

Couple of things Mike.

  1. In the second half of the game in Calgary, the coach said the Riders were having a hard time even finding enough players to field a complete offense so their play calling was severely limited in what they could do. Not an excuse, just a fact.

  2. In Thursday's game it was the second game for Dressler this season as a main receiver and Washington's second as a receiver. Dressler's first with Crandell as a starter. Again, not an excuse, but a fact. Familiarity takes time.

Noe, Crandell looked like a QB who was not confident the players would be where they needed to be. That will show up as tentativeness and should be corrected as familiarity increases.

One example? Bowman had to slow down for that bomb. Crandell could have tossed it another 10 yards and Bowman would have run under it wide open because he had beaten the defensive backs so badly. That is usually a case of the QB not knowing his receivers speed when a rookie is concerned.

Could Crandell have played better? Yes, and once Durant is back, if he continues to play tentatively I would expect to see Durant. Should the Riders have scored more points? Yes, but I would be more willing to blame dropped passes (at least three in the first half alone that would have been first downs), the fumble by Palmer (needs to learn to hold onto the ball) and that stupid 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty by Wayne Smith that killed the third quarter drive as bigger reasons why the team didn't score much.
We've been able to limit mistakes in the first 6 games but not in this one and when the final difference is 5 points, mistakes like that become magnified.

Oxbow and BigU, Your above posts expressed my thoughts exactly , but phrased much better....T

I felt that the Riders should have run a bit more in that game. They were running alot of play action, which worked well to start off the game as Calgary was definitly keying on Wes Cates a bit. There was one play in perticular in the second half I believe that Cates had caught a pass for 8 yards or something like that. It was second and 2 and they decided to throw a 15 yard pass instead of putting in Szarka to lead block for Wes Cates. We were having a pretty good drive, but threw an incomplete pass and had to punt. There were times in the game were I felt we were being outcoached; we weren't adjusting to what Calgary's defence was doing. That, I believe, is why we struggled in the first three quarters.

Secondly, we had dropped passes and alot of them. I am just going to remind everyone that Fantuz went through something very similar of what Bowman is going through right now. He turned out to be fine. Bowman definitly has alot of potential.

Crandell wasn't the problem. It is rookie mistakes that was the problem combined with a little bit of coaching that was the problem. With the amount of injuries we have right now we have to rely more and more on Wes Cates to get the job done.