It used to take opponents...

until late in the season to figure out the Lions offence and defensive gameplans.
Now they same to do it by the second half. Maybe this year they'll get the loses out of the way early on and go on a tear to finish the season, but the way it is looking right now it's doubtful.

The way this team has been looking the past few games, reminds me of the 0-7 finishing lions of last year more than the 11-0 team.

im still more worried about bc then sask..even with geroy 56 yards last game LOLOLOL

We're too predictable. Chapdelaine has got to go!

Don't worry about us....Just spot us a lead and then come back and make adjustments for the second half!

Heck teams dont even have to go out on the field until the second half to beat us......actually they only have to send their kicker out there as Locket will trip or fumble the ball anyway........Here is hoping that they wake up for the Calgary game

....or you'll hate us even more!!!....MOUAHAHAHAH....

Nope......just keep playing the way you did tonight............hahahaha