it took me all of 30 seconds

to find this first example of NFL fans having complaints and concerns about NFL refs

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"On the other hand After watching the "real" refs call a game The scabs were just as good"

and another one

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The difference between the CFL and NFL is that if these complaints truly are true and correct, these officials would be fined, put on a short leash, and ultimately canned if they continue to make bad call after bad call.

No, there is no difference. Fans are just generally whiners. Just because punishments are not publicized does not mean they do not occur.

Read the comments for game results in almost any league. In general, seems like fans of every league think their refs are the worst around.

I wish people wouldn't compare CFL officials to NFL officials. The NFL has 7 officials watching 22 players on a field that is 6,396 sq yards. The CFL has 7 officials watching 24 players on a field that is 9,750 sq yards. Is it so hard to believe that the smaller field with less players makes the job of the NFL officials easier.