It Time to Black out the Rest of Games.

I know going to be unpopular for this
But it's Time The CFL Allow Teams in the Playoff Race The Opton to Black out There 4 Final Home Games.
You want to See the Team Come to Stadium and Support them.
I hate black outs but The People of Hamilton always want somthing for nothing .

also I Suggest The CFL Look at PPV With TSN as an Opton
This for people who want Stay home for Games.
Charge 44.95 Per Game The Price of 1 Ticket in Sliver Sections.

Bob Can't keep playing the bills forever and take a loss.
He Finaly giving us Team that winning at Home

I like to see Bob Break Even soon maybe even make some money

LMAO ........

You have just removed all doubt .....

Wow someone is dreaming, take a league that already takes a back seat to the NFL, and NHL and make it even more inaccessible to people during the NFL / NHL season.....that will work wonders..

Do really think people will come Out the Rest of year
20,000 vs The Grey Cup Champs
We Avg 22,000 a Game .

Only Montreal is wrose and they have Smaller Stadium.
They Sell out every Game.
I spoke a alot Fans they rather Stay home even if we are winning
Bob can support the Team forever.
Nothing in Life is Truly Free

There Season Tickets for under 150.00 Dollars.

Average attendance Avg this year

Calgary -- 36,158 The have Same Record as us

Edm. -- 35,305

Sask. -- 30,700

Winnipeg -- 28,151

B.C. -- 27,815

Toronto -- 26,076

Hamilton -- 22,759 Shamefull when your 5 and 1 at home

Montreal -- 20,202

CFL -- 28,283

i had a hell of a time after last home game. it took me 3 days to get the sliver out of my.... those wood seats can be pretty uncomfortable. next game i'll bring a cushion

Okay, let's see. The teams can black out any games that they want.

Mitchell was just on CHML saying that the Cats made a decision before the start of the year not to blackout any games.

Blacking out games drives fans more away and hurts the CFL more than it helps it.

45 bucks for PPV? This isn't the WWE.

The CFL had an experiment a few years ago, with BC (I think) to broadcast games on PPV for I think $7.99. I don't think it went over too well.

I don't see the benefit of blacking out games.

In the end, who really cares? If you go to the games, like I do and you do, why do you care about TV coverage? That's for everyone out there who isn't coming to games to worry about.

I think you are right, we've heard this for years "let people see the games on TV and maybe they will come out" It hasn't worked, black them all out until the fans come out, if you sell at least 27,000 tickets a couple of days before game time then lift the black out. If you want to see this team at home come to the stadium.

I want my Brother son to be able to see the ticats with his Son and so on.
I worry about Future of the team in 2010 2015 2040 or 2060
Bob won't live forever.

We have great owner and Really want him to see a Break even point
If not black out what will get people back into the seats for Sellout like out west.

I would not black all Games .. Just Ones in Late Sept and Oct and only for Teams in Playoff contention
This way Fab know we heading the Playoffs you better come to the Stadium.

You get people back by winning and putting a good product on the field.

Blackouts do not work in the CFL.

We have lost a whole generation of fans because of it.

CBC in the early to mid 90s didn't start showing games until Labour Day, then after that, they would show 2, maybe 3 games per week. It wasn't until TSN got in on the CFL and started showing games before Labour Day that made CBC start showing more games. Plus they were blacking out local games.

Sorry but you are crazy to think that blackouts work. You can't get fans if your sport is not on TV in front of them.

We have lost a lot of jobs in this city and some people just can't afford tickets.

Also, think about kids who find it on TV and follow it but don't come to the games because their parents don't like football or simply can't afford to go.

We sold out labour day this year without any blackouts.

What the Cats have to do is lobby the government of Canada to turn every Monday from July to November into Labour Days and have the Cats only play the Argos. That would give us 10 sellouts a year!

Sorry but 1 Sellout a year don't Cut it ..
You can't make money that way .
We having a Winning Team do you see the stands Full every Game ?
I don't .

The only Reason The Fans Come out Labour day is it's Toronto Every year We Play.
It Tradion we play them
We sell out that 1 game or very close to a Sellout.
what if we played BC ?
Do think it would be a Sellout
I don't think so .

Hamitlon Fans should be lineing up to watch this Team at Home
where 5 and 1 for god sakes and Should get a Home playoff Game..
where are all the Fans .. I Challage everyone on here to get 1 friend to Final 3 Home games.

Let show Bob the money ..

Sorry but 4+ years of being terrible isn't going to turn everyone around.

There are doubters out there. The biggest thing that we can do is go far in the playoffs. Have a home game, win that game, and play well against Montreal and you will have an increase in season ticket holders.

It may take until the middle of next season for people to really be on board with this team. We just have to keep winning.

I would like to hear some other ways from you Onknight, besides blacking out games, that could get people to come out to the games.

Blacking out games just pisses people off. Sorry but it does.

Okay here is 1

I Challage every Fan In The GHA on this Site
Bring 1 or more Friends to one of Our Final 3 Home Games.
I started doing this last week with Calgary I Brough a Friend and His Son
The Son Came with a Buddie two . So that 3 People I Brought to a Game.

I Challage our Fans to Bring 1 Person to a Home game ..

I agree with you Alan about the blackouts. It doesn`t really work. Fans that want to be at the game will be there.

I hate to say it, but winning doesn`t always bring the fans back. After the 99 Grey Cup, avg. attendance was only 20K. Unfortunate but true. For this city, we really have to market this team, and get the young generation, kids interested in the Ticats and what it means to this city. Win or lose show up to the game, support your team.

T.V is a big part of getting kids interested in this team.

Isn't this the same marketing idea that the Cats have for the next game?

Unfortunately we aren't going to get more than 23K for the rest of the season. It may spike for the playoff game but I doubt it.

What the Cats need to do is focus on new season ticket holders for next year. What they should do is announce right now that they are freezing ticket prices for next year and for anyone who puts a deposit down before the regular season ends, you get a free ticket to a remaining home game.

Onknight, I respect your passion and your concern for Bob Young but I don't think blacking out games is the answer. You build interest in your team by getting it out there in the public eye which means televising its games to as many people as you can. As much as I like the CFL, I can't see myself paying to watch it on tv. There are just too many other options available to me. As for Bob Young, well he's in this for his own reasons. I have no idea what motivates the man--giving back to the community, ego gratification, frustrated jock, tax writeoff... Who knows? But as a fan, it isn't any of my concern.

An Argo-Cat fan

This team has been terrible for the better part of a decade, and lets face it we are not the Toronto Maple Leafs who can lose and lose and still sell out, look at the Jays, number of losing seasons are starting to turn on them.

It took us almost 10 years to get a winning record again, it is silly to expect the fans to flood back into the stadium because of 1 good season, I am greatly impressed with the turn-a-round, but the average fan is probably thinking "2 decent seasons out of 10 isn't enough for me to spend 300 on a pair of season tickets"

Blacking out games is a terrible idea the CFL needs as much exposure as it can get to survive, The west sells out because the west for the most part maintains its competitiveness season after season where the east with the exception of Montreal tends to be a stepping stone. The Tiger-Cats are moving in the right direction, I have been to 4 games this season, but now with college and night classes 5 days a week I cannot make it to a game unless its on the weekend, which it so bad.

The fans will come back, they have been getting more and more fans this season as the team is more fun to watch..calling the average stadium attendance pathetic or calling people out on it after one season where they are one game over .500 is sad, like any sports team they have to earn the fans, The cats are doing it, slowly but things are moving along.

on the bright side, the atmosphere this year is a million times better

I was a patient at Hamilton General Hospital from July 10 to August 10. Accordingly I would have missed two Ticat victories if I was not able to watch the games on TV. There are probably other, season ticket holders, in the same situation, from game to game. Should we be penalizing these fans by blacking out games?

well lets see teams blacked out the majority of the games in the 70’s and 80’s that worked so well that teams like hamilton,toronto, montreal, etc came close to folding or were in financial difficulty most of the time. all that did was turn potenial cfl fans to the nfl when there was always a game on tv on sunday. black out the last 4 games will turn more people into nfl fans. blacking out games won’t bring sellouts, if they did the games would all be blacked out. winning teams consistancly will increase the fan base 1 good season out of 9 will not

You MUST be on glue. Stupidest idea you've ever had.