It takes 60 Minutes To Win

The Als are a greatly improved team from last year. The offensive line is a year older but they are playing as if they were a year younger. This has been an amazing turn around. Calvillo has been getting the time he needs to effectively function at QB. His passing has been good and he is not getting sacked to the extent of last year. At this point he is the premier QB in the east. Colbourne, this year, has established himself as a valid offensive threat as a fullback and, as a receiver coming out of the backfield. Trestman is on a good learning curve . In past he was known in the NFL as being the coach who brought the west offense to the NFL. I thought in the beginning he was set to live with the pass but in the past few ganmes he is directing a more balanced game. Kudos to the offensive line, to Calvillo, to Colbourne and to the coaches-they all play a part in an offense thay can yield over 30 points per game.

The offensive missed Cahoon until his return but Desriveaux was a capable replacement. In 07 He was limited to the occasional 2-3 yard pass but this year he demonstrated he was effective as a down field receiver. With Cahoon 's return Desriveaux is now on the bench. I have not been impressed by the play of Deslauriers. He does not appear in the thick of the action and has dropped some passes. In light of this situation, it could be appropriate to bench him and delegate Desriveaux to this spot on the team.

The Als defense has been great and has been horrible. In the first half of the BC game they looked good but have collapsed in the latter part of the last two games. Their defensive rush has improved as they are now second in the league in QB sacks [ or perhaps third]. In last night's game I noted that Diamond Ferri plays a significant part in the defensive rush.I believe that special teams is an area of concern. Ian Smart's kick return run was the beginning of the Als demise last evening. The team could not contain BC's offense which ripped them apart. Prior to that point, Estelle, Proulx ,Diamond Ferri and the defense rush were holding their own. I thought that their last pick in the Canadian draft, Waldo, covered for Estelle quite well. Now if the Als can play 60 minutes of football they could be equal to any team in the league!!!!!

So true.

They should be 4-1 right now, instead, they are 2-3 because they think a game of football is played 15 minutes (The 1st Quarter)

Guys I thought the Als could pull it off. To bad it was a great game by your team. The Stamps have done this twice now and frankly it is like kissing your sister when the game ends like this. But it was exciting and thats what we pay for good exciting football. Maybe next time the Als can beat them.

I wouldn't know what that's like, but it does sound like it hurts! :lol: