It Sure Is Quiet Around Here After a Win

you mean 1-2 ? :slight_smile:

You do know that the Argo's won their first game and are currently tied with Hamilton, right?

OOOPs, thanks guys. I meant 1-2 :smiley:

Finally back online, So belated congrats to Coach Taaffe , For ending the Cycle :thup: And to the Ticat Players for a solid effort.

It's a well known human foible that we react to bad news much more strongly than we react to good news. Which is why talk radio hosts are always complaining about something - it drives more callers to call in, and increases their audience.

So lets hope it remains quiet around here!

Oh oh! Better not let OB catch you on here! LOL! Ok I'm going to be quiet now...shhhh!

Oh and the way the team played last week. I think you should throw a bbq for them every week :slight_smile:

Yes. good win , but not great. TD's from Lumsden and Printers.I'd be more optimistic if they had gotten receivers in the end zone.
I've loved this team for over forty years and watched it go for a sht. From a team that sent Joe Thiesman back to TO crying .. cut up and broken arm.. to a team who pats an opposing player on the but for beating him on a play.
So we have two pre season w's and one reg. Great....but the test hasn't started yet, I'd love to see a Grey Cup.. Young deserves it, the fans deserve it, ..the players ???????