It Sure Is Quiet Around Here After a Win

Looking at the number of posts this week, and moreso at the number of replies to those posts, it seems people don't have nearly as mucht to say after the team wins. I'm not sure what to make of it. Do we just like to stir the pot? It is a relief though, considering the alternative - there would've been a minimum of 25 "Fire Taffe" and "Start Williams" threads had we lost. Oh, and of course, the heated debates. That's always fun :wink: . I'm enjoying the serenity.

It's because there's no drama, no conflict.

The only people trying to start stuff is people who think we shouldn't be so positive, the same people who thought we were too negative before and the same folks who were high as a kite after Maas's one big game last year acting like he was Dan Marino's clone.

Dan Marino

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff arguably throws better spirals than Maas, but I digress!

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Knight Rider,

When there is nuthing to whine and cry about thats when it is quiet around here.

I'm never really negative on here but I don't fit in that category of the people who think we are going to win the Grey Cup after one win(ie: Leaf Fan Syndrome)

Theres only so many times and ways you can say good game

Well I'm not going to say The Cats are going to win the Grey Cup after one win but I must say that there is at least a chance after seeing that last game. Until then, there was no chance in hell. And, after seeing the competition, I'm thinking this could be a better season than anyone ever imagined.
This Saturday's game will tell us alot about what to expect this year....
By the looks of it, the Ticats opened up against the best team in the league. I'm not sure the Alouettes will remain the best team, but they certainly are right now.

now if it was a home game and the cats won, people would still be around complaining about the cold hotdogs, the warm beer, the price of beer, and of course the security.

But it was a road win so there isnt anything at all to say :S

I think were going to have a good game on Saturday. I think our win against T.O was a turning point for this team. Knowing that we can compete again. Even though Saskatchewan has a lot of injuries, we still cant take them lightly. They are 2-0. But if we play smart football like we did against the Blue team. I think well come away with the win.

In regards to it being quiet around here. I think a lot us are happy that we played a great game. Not many cut this person... threads. Which is a nice change on this forum!!

Yep and we also looked better against Montreal than Winnipeg did.

Well Winnipeg did something we didn’t do against Montreal and thats come out fighting in the second half. I think we looked about the same in the first half but I would have to give the second half to the Bombers.

So I guess thats just my way of saying I disagree lol!

But I will say we looked 100x better against Toronto! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. Fine. Then I will.

The Tiger Cats will win the 2008 Grey Cup. Casey Printers will be named MVP, Lumsden Outstanding Canadian, Zeke Defensive, Taaffe will be carried off the field only to accept a NCAA job offer moments later. Bob won't be able to contain himself; purchases the Atlanta Thrashers and Copps Coliseum. Russ gets evicted from his new apartment after hosting a victory party for his brothers that simply got out of hand. On the way home from Montreal, Tom stops at the welcome to Burlington sign and spray paints "Tigertown".

Most people in shock just sit there staring into space. :slight_smile: But it will wear off after Saturdays game, when things will be back to normal in TigerTown. :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO :lol: :lol:

LOL, how did you make the Hasselhoff/Marino connection Oski oui oui? That is pretty funny though. Thanks for that. :thup:

Hey Candice, after reading Okham's above post you may need to contact Okham this has the potential to be the best Tiger Town video yet! :smiley:

Russ, you say no Maas, you can diss Dan but DON'T Hassle the HOFF! :lol:

It was just 1 win, we still need More

Right. But give the team a chance to play another game before you start asking for another win. It's hard to win games in between games. :wink:

Maybe it was only one win but it was a good one against a fierce rival.

The Cats played a team in turmoil who where waiting to be beat. The Ticats did what a winning pro football team is supposed to do...they went for the kill and did it convincingly. The Riders are hurting...if the Cats are for real, they should do the same thing to them.

I expect they will.

Exactly a good football team will destroy a team hurting like Regina. Not barely beat them but destroy them and completely shut their o down.

If our team is fully prepared then there is no reason why we can't win by more than 20. Their defence can only keep them in the game for so long before the wheels come off.

DoubleBlue wrote,

Most people in shock just sit there staring into space. But it will wear off after Saturdays game, when things will be back to normal in TigerTown.

Yes, when Hamilton is 2-1 and T.O is 0-3. LOL! :smiley: