It start at the top.

Negative or not. Sucessful buinesses have the Leadership and Business knowledge to lead the team. Each and every game I watch we are consistently outcoached out played and underdiciplined.

When is someone going to standup in the organization and say we need to make serious changes immediately. Someone or a group of players are distrubing the team chemistry. On paper we have the guns to get it done.
Stop sitting on your hands and get this thing fixed before we have another situation like 2003.

My 2 cents worth.

new gm
new idrector of scouting
new coaching staff
hire a QBs Coach
spend more money on player development and strength coaches.
build a practice facility and have the entire team work year round and have mini camps like they do in the nfl to build continuity.

with whose money? not to mention that this may go against the CBA between the League and CFLPA...

cfl and cflpa should allow teams to have mini camps, as for practice facility the ticats need to combine with mcmaster and build one or use their new athletic building, the ticats need to stop being so arrogant and face the facts that they need more year round training.

Again, I agree with you. All teams should be able to do this (at least, openly).