It Should Have Been Mentioned Here ...

..... that a guy whose play was so often knocked on this forum earlier in the season was recognized earlier this week as runner-up to Paris Jackson as Canadian Player of the Week for his performance in Calgary.
Congratulations Sandy!

^^ X2 :rockin:

Good job, Sandy!

Guess the other 159 non-imports had off weeks?


An Argo-Cat fan

Or maybe one of the voters said they wanted a second Beveridge...

Beveridge made a niiice interception against Calgary. He knew where the ball was going, so he didn't wait for someone else to make a move, he ran across the field to get it and some extra yards to boot.

Too much recognition of hard work to make this board!

LOL exactly. Don't say anything good about Sandy around here :roll:

Congratulations Sandy!

Considering the fact that you're getting your first
real chance as a starting safety, that's excellent.


Sandy started several games years ago when Hitchcock broke his arm.


I seem to remember that Crash said recently,
he didn't recall seeing Sandy do that before...

Maybe that's Sandy first time he has done it...or maybe it's not. :wink:

My exact words when he made the play "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while"

While we still need to upgrade at the safety position, and Sandy is still the worst starting defender in the CFL, i give him credit for a solid game played last week. Stringing a couple of those together might actually get me to consider changing my mind.

But at this point, it was one game and hes still a terrible safety in my opinion.

I don't agree with you, Crash. I think Sandy B is a good safety. More important than my opinion or yours however, is the opinion of Greg Marshall. He thinks Sandy is doing a fine job.

Sandy is not that bad a safety, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Barker getting some time there next season.