TSN: CFL Topic today

Sun Newspaper Aug 8th

Very Interesting proposition ?!$

Great article by Naylor.
Manziel might flame out or he might not. Collaros may need to be replaced or he might not. Collaros and Manziel might be great and having two great QBs is great or they might not.
Got me convinced. sign him up Kent.

Future post...... "Johnny Football released by Ti-Cats ,Austin quote -He needs to learn to be a Teammate "

Ahhhhhhhhhhh , Noooooooooooo !!! to Johnny Moronziel.........

Manziel will never play in Hamilton while Austin and Collaros are here, but I still think we will eventually, 100% trade his rights to Toronto...a team with a perpetually injured Ricky Ray, no QB talent behind Ray (Jeff Matthews didn't show much during his first Argo start against Montreal), and the need to create a buzz by signing a "marquee name,"a move designed toconsequently increase lagging attendance.

Popp would do this trade...so would Austin. But would I wonder if Trestman would veto it, citing that he doesn't want a new QB with Manziel's character issues?

While I usually agree with TSN's Dave Naylor's CFL analysis, I completely disagree with it here. Manziel has many personal issues he has to resolve before he can be either a CFL or NFL quarterback, and I don't want Hamilton to give him that opportunity. Manzeil's a head case. We've got an excellent quarterback here in Hamilton already with Collaros. I want the Cats to improve the offensive line, so Collaros can play confidently knowing he has more than enough time to get rid of the football, instead of thinking he has to quickly make a play before he gets sacked.

As mentioned previous, trade Manziel's rights to another team for a first round pick that can be used to draft a high end offensive line prospect from U-Sports.

Basically this. The head case part in particular. Not a fan of "domestic abuser" hints or fumes when it comes to entering a professional sports context where the program is in turmoil. Just stating.
Oski Wee Wee,

No matter how bad things get in Hamilton, Johnny Football is NOT the answer!. He is a loser both on and off the field.
If any team in the CFL ever decided to hire him it would an embarrassment to the league.

I think 3 things could happen if he does come up:

  1. The coaches will make it clear that he has a single chance to make it as a mature player; one slip and you are gone. He takes the opportunity and mends his ways;
  2. He shows he has matured and does well in 2018 as a starter, NFL picks him up and he leaves in 2019 and;
  3. He comes here in Sept. and forces ZC to fight for his job improving ZC. Manziel doesn't make the 2018 roster and is sent home to obscurity, or he does and the two fight it out for starter.

Really I don't think we have too much to lose and everything to gain; he can easily be cut at little to no cost unlike ZC (not that I want ZC cut).

TSN Panel is speculating again on this QB as they said June Jones has some past history to Manziel?!

Or, it could end up like the Vince Young debacle in Regina......

Interesting prospect.

He knows getting cut from the CFL is a blow that he wouldn't be able to recover from. I just can't see him coming here to compete for a starting job and potentially losing to ZC or JM. Like Jesse Palmer he would want to be the starter and that's it.

We have his rights
I bet they bring him in for a look and let's see . if it happens it will be with June Jones . Looks like it's His last chance for redemption in pro football.

or this Topic is dead . And this NFL rejects career is over


Will he report in shape....will hetreat this opportunity seriously or as just another publicity grab??
Manziel's football career is pretty much over now.....

Our football club has nothing to lose bring him in for a serious look . He fails there the door it would be really interesting if he is cleaned up his life as he did have enormous Prospect and raw Talent

What a Resume wow!

Ps: he is rapper Drakes buddy ?! Drake at a Ticat Game!! If he can fix his career and life with our team the marketing and advertising would be a goldmine !$

This is the same genius that brought the league Ahmad Green, Chad Johnson, Michael Sam....

It's Popp's forte.

If we can't afford quality O-linemen to protect Zach, however do you propose that we afford Manziel? And then still need the upgrades on the O-line that I am continuously reading about? I don't believe he will come in "for a look" for free.

If history has taught us anything in the CFL it is that the big names riding in on white chargers to save our team is more fantasy than reality. Didn't work then in Montreal, Ottawa, or Toronto, don't think it will work now in Hamilton.

Get him to sign a contract if we work him out and our team is impressed have him drug tested monthly as part of the deal . They should try him out NOTHING TO LOSE from our end .

Personally, I THINK we should start with the Oline.

To me, it matters little who is back there with the ball, if he has little or no time to dispatch it.

Hopefully, June Jones will be able to provide schemes to ensure a better comfort level for our starter in the meantime.

Giving Manziel reps, coaching and time in training camp will take away those valuable resources from another player who could seriously help this team.

Manziel, I could hardly imagine on a white charger.

Even his big name has faded greatly.

Notwithstanding Manziel's obvious skills, (which may have declined from substance abuse and extended lack of game reps) I believe other high profile QB's on the Ticats neg list, namely Kaepernick and Griffin III, would likely fair much better up north.

To achieve success in any pro league you must be willing to learn, adapt, and have a sense of pride and work ethics to continually improve one's game.

Nothing suggests that Manziel has any of these qualities and talent will only take you so far.....i.e. not far enough.