It`s time for the Ti-cats to gain some ground!!!

Now that Winnipeg beat the Argos!!!Its time for the cats to gain some ground. If they take Montreal. This will set up for a great game on Labour day!! To think after that game we could be out of the basement!!! Lets go Cats!!! :thup: :smiley:

i am also cheering for the cats. my gut feeling is telling me to go with the cats. so hopefully ti cats beat the als.. also to keep the als 3 points behind the Bombers.

:thup: GO CATS GO it would be great to finally kick some Argo Ass!

This game could be the pivot (literally) for the season. IMHO, the Cats must win the next four to have any shot at the postseason (especially re the crossover).

Oski Wee Wee,

I whole heartedly agree. That would be swell

every game to me is a big game for the cats especially tonight - i for one am stoked for tonights game - go cats!

Please don't swear. lol