It’s time for NFL to come to Canada by Marty York

While scoring has been on a downward spiral in the CFL in recent years, NFL offences are displaying far more imagination and creativity than in the past, and there’s been plenty of entertainment as a result. The offensive machines operated by the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady and the Green Bay Packers’ Brett Favre are truly things of beauty. And they’re not alone in the NFL. The NFL playoffs this season have been mostly dandy spectacles.

CFL games, on the other hand, have been generally dull since 2005. That has even been the case the past couple years in the league’s showcase event, the Grey Cup game.

way to support the CFL Marty :thdn:

I'm confused, usually Marty York starts his articles with....Once Upon a Time....... :roll: :roll:

Im sure im going to get eaten alive! but. I see nothing wrong with an NFL team having a Home in Canada! Perhaps representing all of Canada!? I dont think it would take much away from the CFL. As long as No CFL teams collapse becuase of this!

Read Bobby Ackles book. In the last chapter he talks about what would happen if an NFL team ccame to Canada permanantly.

I would trust his angle on that since he has worked for many years in BOTH leagues

I don’t believe that Canada needs the NFL and I also believe that the NFL doesn’t need Canada. Based on that the NFL should stay here in the States and forget the nonsense of spreading to other Countries.
There are cities here that could field NFL teams like LA or Memphis for example. Canada has a good League and any attempt to circumvent that League should be frowned upon.

I believe that if an NFL team is permanently established in Canada, probably in Toronto, it will mark the beginning of the end for the CFL. I do not want to see this happen and am dead set against the idea.

There is so much hype around the NFL, and so much money, and so much marketing, that in the competition for advertising revenue, media exposure, and corporate support, the CFL will be completely swamped. Without Toronto, the CFL's major sources of corporate support will shrink to a minimal level quickly.

The Argos will fold quickly-- that team has enough trouble attracting a reliable fan base as it is without the presence of a "big league" competitor in town.

After losing Toronto we'd have a seven team league, with Hamilton and Montreal highly vulnerable. I think it would not be viable, or if so strictly as a semi-pro league for Canadian players.

Alternatively, the CFL could officially become a farm league for the NFL. But on that basis there would be no reason for them to want to continue with Canadian rules, which would likely disappear.

I for one would have no interest at all in watching "Triple A" American football, regardless of the location of some teams here in Canada.

I hope none of this happens, but I believe it would in fact be the outcome.

I don't need or want American football in Canada. If Canadian football ends, I'll switch to rugby.

Maybe it's time for Marty York to move to the U.S.

If the NFL were to put a team in Canada, and if Canada were to enforce its laws pertaining to convicted criminals from other countries crossing the border, how many NFL teams put a full team on the field?

It would be great to be in the Bengals division, as an example - a few easy wins there, since they'd be lucky to get a minivan full of players across the border.

Why are so many Canadians such slaves to US entertainment? Thats the real problem my friends.

Its by far one of the most dysfunctional nations on earth and I want nothing to do with anything that comes out of that place.

And why do so many Canadians feel they have to like something just because it's Canadian?

If somethings good I'll watch it, which is why I don't watch T.V and as far as the cinema goes I prefer Asian cinema over anything else and absolutley loath Canadian cinema, it's complete garbage.

And the NFL is more entertaining, and if the CFL fails to do something about it, i.e change the import ratio to prevent teams from stacking their defences with imports then I won't be watching for much longer. It's the coaches who are killing this league more than anything else.

People it’s Marty York!!!

Enough said


ahh, I detect another dcase of US envy!!

Yes, let's not have anything to do with the majority of our CFL players and coaches, which are the most entertaining players. Stop watching movies or going to Walmart, Home Depot.

Slave to US entertainment?? - we have a choice my friend and we prefer US TV - why don't you just stop watching US TV and tune in to the CBC now there's an

Give me that dysfunctional nation any day!!