IT"S ONLY XIBITION: 08 AVE 24,398 - 07 AVE 24,655

I know it's only exhibition, but the 8 home dates or one per team are virtually identical.
In 07 and just like this year, we had sellouts in Regina and Montreal.
This year the Peg also came close to a SRO.
Which brings up the question, do we have a chance to perhaps average 30,000 per game? We came close last year, but unfortunately this figure is hard to obtain with Montreal being in the small venue for 8 out of the 9 games.
If not 30,000 I will go on the record to say this year the average will exceed last and just like the TV numbers.

Not a chance..... Hamilton is going to drag us all down..... Unless the Cats release Printers.... and use the 500K for several upgrades.

Dude, what's with the hate for Printers? First, you start a poll basically intending to slam him, now this.

On a different post... someone mentioned that the Cats were not going to paper the crowd this year. Couple that with by far the lowwest preseason crowd and yes I do believe that unless the Cats finish below 8-10 this year that Montreal WILL NOT have the lowest attendance this year.
I believe in order to make the Cats better that they should get rid of Printers and pick up some good defensive players who can win them some games until they find a new quarterback..(they have a pile of awsome back-ups) First pick up could be Juran Bolden.
You gotta realize that Printers is eating up 12 % of their salary cap, and for what? to get sacked 3 times in a quarter.... Meanwhile your back-ups come off the bench and win you the game!!! A waste of cap space if you ask me.

Who's fault is it that he gets sacked 3 times? On those plays, he had no chance to even do anyting.

And yes, I realize Hamilton will have lower attendance this year, probably the lowest in the league. When Montreal or Toronto (and even some of the Western teams except Sask) suffers through 6 straight horrible seasons, we'll see what their attendance is like.

Say something for Bob Young though. If these seasons had happened 10-15 years ago, they wouldn't even get 10,000 at the games.

Does the record have everything to do with the pessimism?
How about if the Cats get off to a quick winning start?

Okay Let Break down 3 Sack you talked about

one of them was Protection Broke down
On that Play Cavka at One Tackles
Missed a Block and Casey got stacked..
The DE Beat him to Inside .

Another one was Coverage Sack.

One was Casey Fault .. He Read Defence Wrong and Had to eat it.

When He was In Trouble Most Time His Legs got him out of it..

I would not Count on him being traded any time soon or cut for that Matter Blin

How do you possibly figure that releasing Printers, one of the ONLY rays of hope for Ticat fans had last season will improve attendance in Hamilton?!

Like sersiously, that's ridiculas!

What do you have against Printers? Or do you just have absolutley no idea what you're talking about?! Or, do you like the attention you get when people argue with you? Here's an idea, how about instead of getting everyone angry with you, why don't you get their attention in postive ways? (For example showing that you ACTUALLY KNOW SOMETHING about football!)

Answer to question 1: yes
Answer to question 2: It would definitely help.

Problem is....... WE DIDN'T

How is Printers a waste? The guy can play some serious ball and is just what Hamilton has been lacking over the past couple years. To call out a guy when he hasn't had much help from a supporting cast is pretty unfair imo.

And to add to that, of course he is going to take up cap space. He is the starting quarterback! QB is arguably the most important position on a football team so of course they are going to invest a lot in a guy like Printers who has great skill potential. Would the bombers release Glenn to just because they could save money and spend it on numerous players at other positions? No, because you have to build your team around a QB regardless of how much it may cost. The tabbies have lacked a true leader at this position in the past few seasons and it has shown in their record. With a guy like Printers they could really have some success, so to suggest that they release him is laughable at this point.

glen takes up about half as much in cap space as Printers and we're still letting quality players like Bolden go..... So ask yourself the question..... "What Kind of talent do we have to delete off of our roster so that a bum like Printers can stay on the roster at 500k"
If you could get him down to 200 K . (Glen is definately worth more then him) then you could upgrade many positions on your team.