It’s Official

With the blow out by Winnipeg I would have to say we are once again the worst team in the league! Time for everyone in this organization to step up and make things happen on the field! Bottom line we need to start winning now!


Well... duh.

Well... duh
What he said!



Hmmm i wonder if Edmonton should fire thier DC ??


Dont bring him into it.......

But im sure we're just a few weeks away from getting it all together... we can win our final 11 and go 11-7.

Be patient :wink:

Lets go 5-5 over our next ten and then finish on a winning streak to take us into the playoffs :stuck_out_tongue:

No the point is I don't think they realize how desperate the situation is. There is no Ottawa this year so it’s going to be even more difficult to make the playoffs. People are not just tired of losing but its how we lose. Management is far to patient with poor play calling and even worse personnel decisions. I will be the first guy to write a real feel good story on here when we look like a team with some on field leadership but in the mean time it’s every fans right to be fed up with being the league punching bag so do me a favour and you shut up!!

Actually, Jesus was never much of a football fan. I hear he liked tennis.

And maybe with the blowout by winnipeg, it actually means that they're the BEST team in the league. See Brazzell's two touchdown receptions? I still say we threw a goldmine out of town.

Crash tell me what you think Edmonton should do about thier defensive problems ??

I honestly believe if we were to play Toronto again we would have quite a good chance. If you ask me IF it's not us who are the worst it's them. Edmonton's D sucked so bad though, I don't think there's anything to be done! They're just bad! And I agree with the Brazzell thing. We should have kept him at wideout and not forced him to play slot.

Actually, He's a golfer.

Good point about Brazzell.

I am sending this message to see if I registered correctly, I went to the first home game while on vacation and I think I'll come back by late July or Aug anyway I like reading your guys comments and yes they need to win a game fast or the defeated attitude may set in on this team but I sure hope not

No the point is I don't think they realize how desperate the situation is. /quote]

I have no doubt whatever that they realize what the situation is. They (management and coaches) are involved in the team's performance and progress all day, every day. They get paid to realize the situation. They are always working to find better players, and get the best out of the ones they have. I firmly believe they understand the situation far better than any of the fans who post on this site, all of whom are armchair QBs, myself included.

It's fine to have different opinions about what we should do to get better results. Fair comment and debate is fun.

Bashing players isn't helpful. Bashing coaches might make sense if we were better ones ourselves. Bashing management on the basis that they are ignorant while we are wise is presumptuous. Bashing the owner is downright stupid.