Well after the wonderful performance by the Ticats, it pains me to say there is no question my Argos are the worst team this year and frankly the future looks gloomy.
Let's review, the Cats have a great nucleous Porter, Lumsden(for now), Caulley, Smith, Rodrigues all on the offense.
The Argos, well no real QB as Joseph is old and done, Pickett has potential but needs work, Dorsey yes but no real RB.
The Defence is old and needs an overhaul.
Right now I am liking the future of the Cats a whole lot more then the Double Blue.

The Argos will probably get Printers after Hamilton releases him. Hopefully they don't blow 500000 on him.

Never count a Don Matthews team out. He's not the most successful coach in history for nothing. The Arrrrgooos will be back sooner than later. :cowboy:

Trust me the Argos season is done.
As for Printers I do like the idea of the Argos signing him once no doubt the Cats release him.
Just maybe with a new team and a good OC, he can regain his glory BC years.

The Argos are done, unless Joseph gets it out of his head that he thinks he's a pocket passer. If the Argo's lose to Winnipeg next week it's time to play out the string with Pickett.
Strange year, the two former MVP's (Printers and Joseph) have both crashed and burned.