Michael Bishop will be released on Monday because of his poor play calling. What was Bishop thinking when he called a run up the middle for nothing on first down pretty well for the entire game. You would have thought Bish would have figured out there was nothing there? but NO he kept wasting down after down trying to get the running game going, what was he thinking? Most QB s try to get in a rythym , but Bish was calling running plays that left him 2nd and long for most of the game.

The thing that surprises me most about Bishops game calling today, was that he decided to go away from the game plan that won us 4 of our last 6 games? I do not understand that thinking, why did he think he was going to get the running game going, when the games that we won in the streak was due to passing, and passing alone? Thats what I did not understand.

I dont think Bishop should have been calling his own plays??? How many other QB`s in the CFL call their own plays? I think Bishop is the only QB that does, correct me if I am wrong.

I could understand not holding Bishop solely responsible for the loss, had he not been calling his own plays, but since he has always called his own plays since being with the Bombers, then it`s only right that he should take all the blame, you know, seeing that he calls his own plays and all.

Its unfortunate that Bishop threw the int after Glenn had his 2nd pick, because there was still hope at that point. Funny how Bishop waited until the very end of the game before he realized we would not get anything on 1st and ten running the ball. So he finally realized that calling a running play on first down every time was not going to do it, and then unfortunatelly he is intercepted. The one right after that was just because he was so upset at that point.

Who in the heck made Bishop the only QB in the CFL that calls his own plays? That`s what I want to know!!!

Why was Bishop allowed to call plays today that clearly where not the plays that won us 4 of 6 in the winning streak???

How many downs did Bishop waste today handing off to Reid on first down?

Why was Bishop allowed to call his own plays, that`s what I would like to know?

For the slow folks that was heavy sarcasm!!!

The picture that`s been painted of Bishop by the media is not based in reality. Now todays ending fits in perfect with their demonization of Bishop, but it is not based in reality. Yes Bishop is the fall guy once again, he was the fall guy last year in Sask and now this year in Winnipeg. Today Bishop never got into a rhythm, because of the 2nd and long situations after handing off for zero time and again.

I am disappointed, because Bishop will take all the blame unfairly. I suspect Kelly will blame it all on Bishop.

Let me just say in closing...If I was putting a CFL team together, I would chose Bishop over all others.. I would build the team around him and even give him input in to the type of offense he feels best suited to. It would be sweet to see if I had the money. I would probably buy the Argos, fire everybody pretty much and build the team around Bishop

:lol: :lol: now how do you Bomber fans feel, get all excited over there 3 game winning streak awhile back over teams that have losing records rave because you beet an Als team that did not have their starting QB and had nothing to play for and then i mention once Bishop has a good game his next is usually a stinker and they get blown out once again, you guys keep dreaming this guy is going to save the Bombers, and now look what happens :D he did the same thing with the Riders. He should have been released weeks ago, and Printers should have been the starter, well as long as you have Kelly at the helm then this is what you have to look forward next season. What a horrible season to look back on and it could have been salvaged long ago, but for some reason the Bomber organization made no moves for improvement. Kelly should be sent packing along with his star QB :roll:

Well at least you're consistent.

Some receivers dropped some catchable balls; those were not Bishop's fault.

The game plan and the playcalling were poor; why in the world the Bombers went back to that horrid offence that we knew in the first five games of the season just did not work is a mystery to me. . . and not Bishop's fault.

So no, Winnipeg losing today was not ALL his fault.

But SOME of it was, can't you admit that?

Good lord, the guy completed only 8 of 26 passes, one TD and 2 INTs.

Those are not good enough numbers for a CFL starting QB. Not nearly good enough.

You complain about being in second and long. I agree; the first down runs produced little. So too did the dreadful draw plays on second on long. But when Bishop threw on second and long, more often than not he was off target. That's his fault. What did he complete, ONE pass the whole second half? You can't blame that ALL on playcalling or receivers dropping passes. SOME of the blame has to attach to your hero.


The Cats running game was non existant in the 1st half as well.... they consitently went to Cobb on 1st down...for the lack of running game.. the difference was Glenn was able to compensate by HITTING his receivers... something Bishop failed to do.. with CONSISTENCY.... 8 of 26 is PEEWEE stats.. not a profesional CFL QB.. your god Bishop plain and simply sucks.. that is why once again he will be unemployed and back on his couch by tomorrow afternoon... then paul.. you'll be pining for a new hero.. who will that be??

8 of 26 for 124 yards..... EIGHTY of which came on ONE play in the FIRST series the Bombers had in the game..... 44 total passing yards the rest of the game.. and no... dropped passed cannot be blamed on that..he is garbage plain and simple!!

Time to find a new man crush!!

I've said it many times on this board...Bishop will make you a believer for awhile, but in the end he always lets you down and breas your heart. The common denominator in every big game that he's played poorly in is, well.....the man himself.

to say hes brutal is not fair...but to say hes good is not either lol...and not that its really on topic lol but my peewee qb had a better completion record in our win in finals this weekend lol so im sure he would take offense to that LOL obviously jk but ya the bombers in general are brutal this year need alot of work this off season. some were talking about releasing fred reid? i think that would be a bad idea. LOL kinda like releasing glenn was lol the second best rusher in the league and you want to say good bye to him lol if you do that kelly will trade his washing machine to calgary for cornish...which is all hes worth anyways...and say that him and bishop are going to turn this team around LOL you think yuo would learn after todays beating that releasing a starter for one bad game or even one season can come back on you lol