It Really Wasn't That Bad . . . !!

I am not overly discouraged by this loss . . . now.
At the end of the 1st Q I was deeply depressed, but when all was said and done, I thought the game was quite entertaining. I was actually impressed by the adjustments that the coaching staff made after the 1st Q. We must not forget that the 'Cats would not have had any scouting report on this revamped Argos team at all; clearly they were caught off guard by some of the offensive schemes that Toronto are using, but as I said before, the 'Cats staff made adjustments during the game. An encouraging sign . . .

I was also impressed by the Ti-Cats’ fans that remain devoted to this team. Hang in there people, this team will continue to fight for victories. Even if they don’t win many games, I think they will compete, and they will play entertaining football.

Now the discouraging part . . . I hate to rehash the Zeke Moreno debate, but it was painfully obvious tonight that once again this team is lacking a dominant MLB. Where was the run support? We need a MLB, and on the outside, I am not convinced that I should prefer to have Otis Floyd on my team as opposed to JuJuan Armour either . . . but getting back to the MLB debate, here is a comment that I made in a post last October . . .

Before Zeke, the last real MLB that we had was Haven Fields . . . he and Cheatwood arrived in Hamilton in the same year - 2002. Mr. Fields could make tackles at the line of scrimmage, but apparently was too much of a liability in pass coverage so we let him go. Nonetheless, between Calvin Tiggle’s departure and Zeke Moreno’s arrival, Haven Fields was the best of a bad lot . . . how long are we going to have to wait for another aggressive MLB that we can be proud of?? Tell me again, how MLB’s are a dime a dozen in the CFL. Sorry, but Auggie Barennechea didn’t quite cut it either . . . reminded me too much of John Priestner . . .

I hate to say “I told you so”, but I told you so , , , will we have to wait another decade before we find a Calvin Tiggle, Carl Crennel, or even a Zeke Moreno. Please note that I deliberately excluded Ben Zambiasi’s name from this discussion. I have no illusions that the present organization can unearth a player of his immense stature . . .

I really hate to break up your Moreno lovefest, but seriously.. he was a non factor in this game.. only once did I hear his name called for anything meaningful.. and that was for a penalty in the 1st Q

If you were at the game, they only announced him for a penalty but he did make many tackles and plugged up a lot of holes. To be honest, we never really heard Zeke's name that much when he was here but after the game was over, you hear, Moreno - 10 tackles and you were surprised.

Moreno is a quiet player who goes out there, plays his position and makes plays. He sounds like a player that we need.

There was just enough good in this loss to make me optimistic. The defence needs to play better and the offence a bit more open but all in all, with some injuries we have, not bad, not great but not bad. MB needs to go for a first down instead of a 48 yard field goal at that point in the game.

If you call 6 "many" then more power to ya

HalfTheDistance, 6 tackles per game is 108 on the season. How many does it take to impress?

Having said that, our D-Line needs to step it up against the run or it won't matter who we have at MLB. Matt Kirk needs to go. He cannot get off a block and doesn't hold his ground against the run. His days are numbered.

why lie... it really was that bad.

8) We were completely humiliated in that blowout !!!
   It really was that bad  !!

Well it is not as bad as being fed to the lions or being a Leaf fan. But it was as bad as could be imagined. Actually it was worse than anything I can imagine so yes, it really was that bad.

I agree. It looked as though we got a Dline in between quarters! I too am optomistic. We weren't humiliated, and it wasn't a blow out. The score was the same as it was last time I checked the Montreal/Calgary game..which I don't think anyone in their right mind would call a blow out.

Just another note about the adjustments, after they were made we outscored Toronto 17-10. :thup:


is my review and grades of game one.

Now the discouraging part . . . I hate to rehash the Zeke Moreno debate, but it was painfully obvious tonight that once again this team is lacking a dominant MLB.

Says it all.

The man who played MLB for the Tiger Cats last night was Dennis Haley.

Despite his NFL experience and how impressive he was at Training Camp,
he appeared to get schooled in his first league game as a CFL MLB last night.

From what I saw, he appeared to misread a lot of plays.
He missed some tackles. He got blown over on one.

Hopefully, Dennis is a fast learner and
he'll show a big improvement next game.

Uhhh, YES, it really was THAT BAD.

This team STINKS for all the SAME reasons as seasons past … HORRIBLE D-Line, HORRIBLE Tackling, BAD Coaching, ZERO imagination in the PlayBook and or Play Calling, POOR discipline , and general LACK of talent.

Oh well, ATLEAST I didn’t EXPECT anything different, and therefore kept from being disappointed.

The beer was cold, the fans around us FRIENDLY, and the pre-game activities created enough GOOD VIBES to carry the day until we left at the end of the 3rd Quarter …



8) That pretty well sums it all up for anyone that was at the game !!!
   I have to agree with your assessments "Meanstreak".

   A complete embarrassment  !!!

Getting down 20-0 after 15 minutes was extremely disappointing.

The newcomers were too hyped up for the game.

IMO, they were suffering big time jitters,

especially our new DEs and MLB on Defence.

A lot of times these guys were close
to making big plays but just missed

Hopefully, these same guys will get composed
and play up to their potential very soon

so more fans won't be saying the team stinks,
or that they are a complete embarassment.

I don't know what game you were watching but giving up 30 points the losing by almost 2 touchdowns isn't good... Last year we lost a lot of games by less than 10... Also all the games we are getting smoked in the first quarter... Why should we have to be a come back team??? Can't we be the ones blowing the opposition away then they have to try and catch up???

I think the entire team had opening night jitters in the 1st quarter.

It really WAS that bad. Although they closed the gap to 10 points they were never in the game.

I guess Ti-Cats opening day, is like an extra point:
Only the Argos can screw it up.