It only takes a minute to rejuvinate my razor...

with my razor gator!

Darth Vader likes his too.

Sure it can get a 3 blader but can it get a 5 blader? lol. There is a new one with 5 blades! Plus one in the back for harder places.

I gotta get me one of those razor gators.

That was bleepin hilarious!

Even back in the medieval times they appreciated the greatness of the razor gator.

I wonder if the guy singing that was thinking, "Oh, boy, my big break!!"

Kanga do not get one it really sucks! Does not work!

Of course one must be extremely cautious of the power of the razor gator. Even Gandalf dares not use it (except at the utmost of need).

sportguy03 wrote:

Plus one in the back for harder places
. What kind of harder places sg? Hard as in difficult to get to or just plain hard, woody style? Got to be careful using something like this on a piece of hard equipment like that man! 8)

Is isn’t a REAL product, is it?

For those who are curious here is how the razor gator was invented:

Kanga isn't the only one who wants to get himself a razor gator. Bilbo wants one too.

YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how does the song go again?...

It only takes a minute to rejuvinate my razor with my razor gator! RAZOR GATOR!!!

something something something, I reused my razor...

I've never actually been able to figure out what they are saying in that second line.