It never ends trying to make the CFL look bad!

Anyone watching the B McCowan show on sportsnet , relating to the Toronto Star article about where the 9.5 millon went that the Feds gave to the GC committee to celebrate the 100th GC. Its enough to make one gag , anyways McCowan is on the trail and is enjoying the witch hunt along with Damien Cox of course.

Another example why the CFL should not even entertain the thought of signing a TV deal with Rogers. They bad-mouth the league on a daily basis. Yes, we know it is because they don't want to promote TSN's programming, but such behavior should not be rewarded. I don't see TSN bad-mouthing the blue jays.

Rogers would just bury the games on TheScore, much like Vince McMahon did when he bought his biggest competitor, wcw, only to put it on the shelf.

Ya, i sent him a few nice messages, Bob is starting to be a Goof, like his buddy Damion Cox.

Send him a message, tell him what you think

when the argos games were on fan590, bob was a huge supporter of the argos and was even part of the 95ht grey cup commitee.
what a sell-out!

heck, rogers media president is former argo president, keith pelley.
again, sell-out!

Bob totally disrespected the Commissioner, He called him out and focused on the so called government money and where did it go?

Bob was unbelievable and would not stop with horrible questions !!

send him a message !!!!!!

McCowan should have a show on sportsnet dedicated to how much the skydome cost to build by "we" the taxpayers and how much Rogers paid for it some years later. ------How much did we get hosed on that deal , bet it was a whopping amount more then 9.5 million !!!!

Great One !!

I cant believe Bob and Rogers/Sportsnet would totally put down the CFL after such a Great Event. There credibility has taken a serious hit. How can you respect a company like that !!

Good point !!! I seem to remember the estimated cost to build the Skydump was around 50 mil. It ended up costing around 550 mil. and then was sold to Rogers for 25mil.

On an inside note, it would be a nice gesture if the Argos gave back the half mil. that the league gave them in the off-season.

I sent him a short and sweet message that should set him straight…

NICE :thup:

Bob was told you want to keep your $500,000 a year salary (it might even be more) then start stirring up controversy, don't get too nice but honestly, i've always liked him, sure he was a friend with Howard Sokolowski I believe, former Argo co-owner and now it's a bit easier to be on the negative with David Braley, probably not friends, so he can tow the corporate line a bit easier. But he has to do this to keep his salary. It's sports media people, enjoy it for what it is, a diversion. It's all ok. If the Leafs were playing and going like 1-10 to start the season, he'd be all over MLSE as well.

What really worries me is what is going on the Middle East again and how one small wrong media idea could start the war again. Now that's something to really think about. Sports, no need to really get riled up too much. What's the worst than can happen? Not much.

Really, what's 9 mill or so when some athletes make that in a season, as sad as that is. That's about a third of what Rogers paid for the Skydome for pete sakes after the thing cost some $500 mill to build out of taxpayers money.

Sorry, but why is this question so galling to most? Provided it wasn’t positioned as more of a “witch-hunt,” I think it’s a legit query.

I mean, I don’t expect the CFL to have to open their books and report spending down to the last dime, but if $9.5 million of taxpayer money went to an event, the Commish should be able to provide a brief overview of how the money was spent.

Agreed! I haven't followed this story but it seems to me that this is a legit question. For a start, why would the Federal government give the CFL $9.5 Million and where did the money go? Is that being anti-CFL??????

Bringing up old news about the Skydome and the cost to Ontario taxpayers 25 years ago has nothing to do with this story.

The Commisioner has to justify his spending to the Government who gave the league the money, not Some media idiot who writes for the Star or Bob Mcowen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I caught some of the show...

There could be something here...

I read in the Toronto Star today 5mil. from Feds and 4.5mil. from Province. Money was spent on uniting Canada with the train and on all the free events at GC. Events were for 10 days. Both governments were satisfied money was well and properly spent to boost economy and tourism. Sorry, I don't know how to do links.

The money went to the train tour. I thought that's common knowledge. I'm pretty sure that's what was said anyways.
As far as R*****rs, those guys are clowns. It's been obvious for the longest time that they don't hesitate to belittle the league, but unfortunately their propaganda and anti-cfl agenda isn't working too well for them this week.

Anyone who pays Damien Cox to talk about sports isn't credible at all. The guy is an idiot.

Hey isn't 9.5 million the amount Rogers loses everytime the Bills play in Toronto. Sounds like more sour grapes from Rogers that the CFL is more popular than the NFL in Toronto!!!!!!!!

actually, even though I have loved the CFL since 66, I strongly protest any level of govt spending one dime on the cfl or any pro sports or pro sports venues, unless there is guaranteed proven return.

Well, I thought you guys were thinking the 100th Grey Cup was a cultural milestone, not really much to do with pro sports, and part of country building. It just so happens that the Grey Cup is now controlled by a professional sports league. So sure, it might help the league but the Grey Cup is really something that transcends the league, at one time of course it was vied for by amateurs and universities and still, if the CFL went caput, it would be vied for again by amateurs and universities.

Now that's why the Heritage Canada provided $40 mill to the Prov of Quebec for the 400th anniversary. Like Celine Dion needs more money :roll:

As the department responsible for coordinating the Government of Canada's efforts in celebrating the 400th anniversary of Québec City, Canadian Heritage is contributing $40 million in support of the commemorative programming.


They have money in Quebec for a mainly publicly funded NHL arena to the tune of around 350 mill or so.

We've always said, many of us who are CFL fans and not so much CFL fans, the salaries of CFL players might be more in the line of calling the league semi-professional, the opposite of what we are now seeing in the NHL with multimillionaire athletes who still can't get enough and be happy, and that the Grey Cup is very iconically and historically cultural in essence.

Some of you might think that it's not fair that the 100th got this funding but the 99th, 98th... 101st... didn't and won't. But milestones are milestones.

I think Rogers should pay back what they make on the Jays (if they do make anything) as they got a $500 mill dollar tax payer funded stadium for $25 mill. If you want to think like that.