It Makes Me Sick

When I saw Calgary was slaughtering Edmonton in the first half I smiled. Sure, my Riders just lost but seeing The Evil Empire lose out would almost make me feel a little better. I wanted the Stamps to totally annhilate the Esks and that was happening until the second half started...

The Stamps had a total role reversal of what happened to them versus Saskatchewan a few weeks ago. If there's one team I can't stand to see win in the CFL it's the Evil Empire and especially pulling a win out of their asses like that.

The Eskimo fans are all over the boards predicting a Grey Cup and saying how they're going to be the team to beat now. That's BS they should've lost today, but they didn't they won fair and square there's no denying that.

The thing that sickens me the most is how good the Eskimos think they are now that they just had a win literally HANDED to them by Calgary. I don't think even the Riders shutdown that badly in the second half against Calgary.

Edmonton, if everything in the universe equals out you should get whipped by the Lions next Sunday and I thouroughly hope you do because if there's one thing I love more than seeing the Rider win, it's seeing the Evil Empire lose...

I thought that you guys were supposed to be cheering for the Eskimos since you didn't want to see Burris win. I won't lie, i was excited and happy after watching the Riders lose today, just how you like seeing the Esks lose. I think the roles reversed comparing this week to lasts, last week, the esks handed the game to calgary, this week, calgary handed the game to the esks. It wasn't just them handing the game to use through all their interception, i think alot of it was the momentum that the entire team gained from the success of sean fleming and jason maas. They fired up the team.

If Edmonton wins the GC, they did it the right way

You forget The Eskies are hated for being the Eskies by Rider Fans...The Burris thing I think most have gotten over with...This is not out of disrespect for Edm Either....its actually the opposite....I for one am just plain out and out jealous of there success...GO BC!!!!!!!! :slight_smile:

There's only one thing that makes me happier then seeing the Esks win, and that's the Riders getting owned. Thankfully, I saw a lot of both this year =P

BTW Jeremy, don't forget the bold predictions made by Shivers at the start of the year. Predicting the RIders would go 12-6! LOL

Well Jeremy , hopefully the Lions can accomodate your wish next week .
Go Lions!

No kidding. If only we’d let them have that last game and then whipped them at Commonwealth! Oh me oh my… next year. GO LIONS!!

Stamps fans: Your team did a lot better than most thought after last year's 4-14 sad season. The near future is guys have a lot to look forward to.

8 Turnovers will kill you every time. You have a good season to build on Stamps.

...Creehan and or Burrato.. will likely get an interview for the head-man in the Peg......otherwise I think Calgary will have everybody back next year....I wonder if you can say the same about Barrett in Sask.....or Roy Shivers....I think they are gonna feel some heat..... :arrow:

...good point...

Oh man I have to agree with I wished the Stamps could have won....................I only dislike Burris when he plays the riders..................... GO LEO'S GO.........GO LEO'S GO

Papa better read the newspapers my friend.

Well, the CFL's version of the New York Yankees did win the game, and I suppose you have to say it was fair and square ... but they didn't win the game so much as Calgary lost it. Edmonton didn't DESERVE to win that game, but Calgary deserved to lose it, with all those fumbles. I think it was the last fumble that did it for good - we were driving, after Edmonton had put up some points, and Reynolds dropped the ball. But thankfully, I will bet a lot of money that the Evil Empire gets WHIPPED by the Lions. Why? Because this team is so bipolar. One week they look great, the next they suck. One week they beat BC, the next they lose to Hamilton. Edmonton doesn't deserve to be in the West Final, but they're there. Thankfully, I'm pretty confident that they'll lose. GO LIONS GO!

Eskies will win the cupwith Maas at the helm,I'm the biggest Rider fan but to cheer for Calgary after Burris and his cocky comments about Rider fans,ah,no I don't think so!!!! Typical Burris fashion,up 14 points and he got all cocky and over-confident looks good on him,Don't worry the roughies will be back next year to challenge for the cup know matter who's QB or coach.

...redwhite...I think you better read the's happening exactly like I said....Burratto...and Creehan being interviewed next week....BY THE BOMBERS....WHAT ARE YOU READING... :roll:

The Calgary Stampeders' coaching picture should become clearer tomorrow following internal meetings to discuss the team's power structure.

The CFL team is developing a model president Ted Hellard describes as "unconventional" compared to other CFL franchises.

It is unclear whether all staff from the 2005 season will fit available roles.

It could include some new faces next season as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have asked permission to talk to defensive co-ordinator/assistant head coach Denny Creehan and offensive boss Steve Buratto, a request the Stampeders have accepted -- albeit delayed until tomorrow.

"The Stampeders organization is very comfortable that there are a lot of quality people out there who can do these roles," Hellard said, declining to elaborate on the specifics involving his staff.

"Hopefully, they want to stay but, in the end, as the pyramid gets smaller, you can only have so many positions."

Creehan has a series of one-year contracts, with a club option, that he claims would eventually promote him to head coach, a role now held by Tom Higgins, also the team's v.p. of football operations.

Hellard has said he is confident the coaching staff from the 2005 season will remain intact, although the team is emphasizing the model rather than the staff working within it.

"I'm a firm believer the Stampeders will put their best foot forward in terms of the organization and the model we're trying to implement. The coaches have to decide whether that opportunity best suits their needs," said Hellard, part of the ownership group that took control of the franchise in January.

[b]While Burrato, 62, has been a CFL head coach twice before, he appears content with his role with the Stampeders.

He intends to sell his Vancouver home and move with wife Judy to Calgary in the off-season. [/b]
Creehan is keen on assuming the head coaching role in Calgary or elsewhere, although he has often professed his love for the players within the vaunted 3-4 defence he implemented here since joining the team in 2004. He declined comment yesterday.

Hellard said it is a reality of professional football at this time of year that other franchises attempt to lure coaches away from successful regimes.

He said he can't prevent that but as long as Calgary establishes a winning formula, qualified coaches will be eager to fill any vacancies that might occur.

"We're trying to digest and evaluate all the learning we've done this year, everything we've seen," Hellard said.

"We're digesting and evaluating what goes on in other professional organizations and, for all intents and purposes, we've confirmed in our own minds what the model is and we're adding finishing touches to it.

"It happens to be during the 'coaching hunting season' but our coaches will be well aware of what our model is, what those opportunities are but in no way would I ever restrain them from looking to see if the grass is greener. Ultimately, they have to be here because they want to be here.

"I know this seems simplistic but the reality is it's the model that counts."

Isn’t THIS a brilliant post?! “Fair and square”, but they were handed the game? Look pal, your team was outmatched, and outplayed. The team that wins IS the team that DESERVES to win…capiche? You turned the ball over, your quarterback wasn’t as good, and we had better depth. What else do you want?

Hopefully you have a little left in the tank (bank account)for the GC, when you can bet a “little” money on the Esks 'cause I, and 30,000 season’s ticket holder’s BELIEVE that the EE are truly the best team in this great league.

That should go over well…

I Agree with you somewhat,except EE being the best team,CFL isn't about the best team winning all the time but get their game together at the right time .Stamp fans can whine all they want they where out played in the 2nd half and turnovers killed them(Burris is famous for these 2nd half breakdowns).Danny made a gutsy call bringing in Maas and made another on e by not naming him the starter vs BC.The EE will beat BC and play the ALS for the cup,SORRY ALS WILL WIN THE CUP,and Matthews will resign the next day

.....who's whining?.....the esks beat the stamps in a great football game where one team collapsed at the most inopportune time and the other took full advantage of it and then some....I still think macciocia coaches like a sixteen year old with a super hot camaro but in the game last weekend that was enough to beat a highly tuned up Mustang that suddenly went down with vapour lock......go figure, there's always next year......