It looks like BC, Edm & Wpg will fight for 3rd in the West

Wpg: 2-5
BC: 1-6
Edm: 1-5

Feel the shame :oops:

So... 12 and 6 as predicted by some Bomber fans has been aborted??

You have to think at least one of those teams will turn it around. Edmonton is one of the more talented 1-5 teams ive ever seen. :smiley:

I was thinking the same thing, Blue. The announcers said they face Montreal next week, so they very well could go 2-6.

And they're in Saskatchewan for the game after that.

cheif the eskimos could easily go 1-17 , beside who do you think they could actually beat beside B.C?

Is Blue Feces code for Mr. Obvious?

Winterpeg will finish well ahead of the Lions and Eskimos unless something changes. They look like they actually could be a good team!

X2, unless however BC get's an OL.WPG is tough and i'm seriously thrilled that we got them outta the way.

IF we somehow get a good O-line, we will make the playoffs without much of a problem.

HOWEVER, to turn them around that much so quickly will be a rather tough task.

Grims, well, I am not sure if you or Remy are doing the talking tonight now, so I figure perhaps I can ask perhaps Remy if the Lions will give a tryout for the O-line to that mean-loooking girlfriend who perhaps inspired that angry cartoon after she modeled for your car?

Well, if Winnipeg keeps playing the way they are, we could definitely beat them the next time we play. :wink:

Um...Winnipeg is in the East...unless I fell asleep for a couple of years and the Ottawa Roughriders are back in.

Crossover rule.

You beat me to it MJ... I would say the Bombers have the best shot at it.. but now with the bye week, the Lions and Esks can look at some players, and get healthier.

Then it should be:

It looks like BC, Edm, and Wpg will fight for 3rd in the East

Winnipeg won’t be fighting for anything in the West for a few years

...and I imagine the Argos and Ti-Cats will have something to say about that BIG TIME

No, because if the Bombers crossover, they will wind up 3rd in the Western Division... and will play in either Calgary or Regina.

My point exactly.

Ha my bad..

Good point....froze my brain for a second