It keeps getting better

I hopped the GO Transit and went to the Hammer last night for the game. Another victory with a high wire act to boot!

I don't really expect any comments on my post here. I just want the satisfaction of saying that this season is turning into total fun for me since I became a Hamilton fan. I just do not mean the team. I am talking about Hamilton as well--and that's really

People can be and many are cold in Toronto. Say hello to someone that you do not know and they wonder what you are after. It was discouraging for me in T.O. I grew up in a small town of 1500--we talk to you whether we know you or not! Not so in Toronto...good social skills are on the decline.

In your city I find that I can talk to anyone and they talk to me. And wearing the team colours is different in Hamilton than say Toronto. I had people calling out to me as I passed by on the street with my hat and jersey on. I already feel that connection I longed for in Toronto and never found. There other Argo fans didn't really bother with you--unless they knew you. In Hamilton it is like, "You're a TigerCat fan? You're one of us. How's it going Bro'?"

Do you know what I mean? Even on the GO bus a young guy said, "Oskie wee wee, brother!" as he passed by my seat as he made his way up the aisle to exit the bus. We spoke when we were waiting in line to board the bus. I just love this stuff. I really am proud of this team and the other fans.

I am looking forward to the next game. I am looking forward to getting better acquainted with the Hammer. I am looking forward to getting to know YOU better!

Thanks everybody. I just want to convey my honest feelings about all this. I am having FUN!
However, I married a woman who does not like football. Bummer, eh?

Michael Jay (first and middle name)

You will always be welcome in my books and I am sure most here and in the city would say the same. By the sounds of it you live in TO or the GTA and thats too bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on your win as per your sig


Thanks so much tcmike. I appreciate the sentiments--very kind.

I did live in Toronto for 25 years (fall of 1975 to fall of 2000 when I moved to my present locale after getting married.) I live in the Newmarket area. I work in Unionville and hoof it over to the Warden subway station then TTC it to Union station where I catch the GO Transit to the Hammer. Sometimes I catch the train at the Scarborough station--my old haunt. But if I want to bum around downtown briefly before going back home I park my car at Warden. I relax during those trips and look forward to them.

I need to get better acquainted with the lay of the land. I am not that familiar yet with the city but that will come with time, I suppose.

I got a real earful from an Argo fan on the subway heading back to the Warden station later that night. He had had a few too many beers I think. He never let up the whole trip. His buddy just listened patiently to his motor mouth. He wasn't obnoxious or mean spirited. He simply enjoyed ribbing me. He told me that I was nuts to wear Tiger-Cat gear in Argo territory. Then he offered to give me an Argo jersey. He was only kidding of course. At one point he stood up and announced in a very loud voice, "Everybody! This," (pointing at me), "is a Tiger-Cat fan. I know it's unbelievable! He's not an Argo fan! He's crazy!" He also went on and on about Arlund Bruce. The only time he shut up was when he shook my hand goodbye and got off the train.

Anyway miketc I want to especially say thanks regarding your comment about my signature. Cancer is not a respector of persons and it knows no mercy. But it can be beaten.

So can the Argos! :smiley:


I hate typos especially when you run out of time to edit.

Arland Bruce--there, that's better!


MJ, here's how to get your wife into football. Just keep showing her pictures and clips of the tight-arse receivers, defensive backs and that, my wife says that that's one of the main reasons she likes going to games and watching! If that doesn't work, well, then you got a problem perhaps. :wink:
Good reads!

BAH!! Just because you're married doesn't mean you have to share EVERY interest. I like football, my wife doesn't. She likes needlepoint/sewing....I don't. But there are other things we both enjoy...hiking, kayaking etc.

Viva la difference!!

Agree Wallace 100 percent. That being said I think there is a bit of give and take. I've learned to like a few of her interests, at least have given an honest effort and do a bit here and there like camping and going to some concerts that I would prefer not to, and she reciprocates with going to TiCats games with me, she doesn't watch on TV like I do. Each relationship works a bit different on the give and take thing. My brother who hates theatre and was all sports marries someone who runs theatre and singing programs for a school board. He goes to some theatre and she goes to some sports games. And they have a very tight relationship.

I think we're basically saying the same thing just in different ways. I guess I'm lucky though, my wife always liked football players and the sport of football so I'm lucky in that respect.